PSPgo launches, GT PSP free with PSPgo for 10 days

The PSPgo, Sony's new version of their handheld video game console officially hits stores worldwide today. Boasting a total of 16GB of storage space, the PSPgo does not feature a UMD drive but rather a system where players can download games from the PlayStation Store.

Speaking at GamesCom in Cologne Germany, Sony announced that European gamers who purchase a PSPgo between October 1-10 are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of Gran Turismo PSP.

The press release is as follows:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) invites you to a joint celebration this October, as PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)go, the latest model of PSP, and the PSP version of the legendary racing title Gran Turismo® are both released on 1st October. And, for ten days only, SCEE will be offering PSPgo owners a copy of Gran Turismo PSP – absolutely free*!

Under its slick black bodywork PSPgo sports a lightweight chassis and a huge 16GB of storage space – ensuring that you can always have on hand whatever it is you like to watch, listen to or play. And for those who like to play
Gran Turismo, PSP Gran Turismo Edition delivers the opportunity to claim the keys to more than 800 beautifully rendered cars – as well as a passport to push them to the limit, on 35 stunning tracks from around the world. So here's your route to a free copy of the game – it's very simple:

1. Buy a PSPgo
2. Sign in to PlayStation®Store with your PSPgo between 14.00hrs GMT, 1st October and 23.59hrs GMT 10th October 2009 and download the Gran Turismo theme
3. Check your email for your promotional code
4. Redeem it at PlayStation Store, download the game and start your engines...

Neowin recently reported that ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta, feels that the PSPgo is "almost dead before it has arrived".

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I'm not going to bother unless they enable some way to convert your existing games. I've too large a library of PSP games to repurchase, especially at the prices that they're offered at.

That said, there's a few games on sale at the PSN store that I picked up for less than retail on UMD. I highly recommend Prinny at $10.

I purchased the GO, I think its nicer to take with you then before. Don't have to carry any extras!

Price is high but I just had to upgrade my psp since I only have the 1st gen edition.

If the screen scratches as much as the older models, and if the battery life is as poor, I don't want it. No physical media is a deal-breaker as well. They could have made it so they could sell you games on a protected Memory Stick Pro Duo, but they don't even want to do that.

I really want one of these, but at the £225-250 price point, I can buy a PS3 Slim. And that's why I think parents will think twice in buying this for their children as they way up the pros and cons. Also a lot of magazine's are saying the new buttons after 60 minutes are poor designed and start to make your hands ache when compared to the old 3000.

just got one, downloaded the theme after signing in and got sweer F A in the mail... playing the waiting game now :\

I'll stick with my PSP-2000, thank you very much. If they really wanted to make their store attractive w/o screwing customers, they'd have dropped prices on MemSticks, but I don't think that's what they wanted to do.

Whatever magic touch Sony had in the PS1/2 era, it's gone.

The only thing i keep thinking is say goodbye to used games. say goodbye to box and book and disc if you like to have something to hold and feel the tangible side of your purchase. Ive been waiting for the digital counterparts to be in PS store but on the other hand i like to know if i want to own the game and box because i like it so much that i can.

I'm kinda split decision on the whole thing because i'm uncertain of how i will feel when its all digital and there is nothing to look at on the shelf anymore with pride. that's just me though.

I'm on the fence for this one. The screen is a bit bigger and it has TV out and bluetooth, but the PSP 3000 also might be cheaper than getting a PSP Go.

And from my 3rd gen iPod Touch, I know 16gb isn't enough for my music, games, and videos.

ryoran109 said,
The screen is nowhere near bigger. The entire thing is about the size of an iPod Touch/iPhone.

oh, well it looks bigger with the buttons below the screen

I agree, 16GB is nothing. I like, "...huge 16GB of storage space – ensuring that you can always have on hand whatever it is you like to watch, listen to or play."

16GB would never ensure I ALWAYS have on hand whatever it is I want to watch and play. I don't know how many games 16GB would hold but I have 20GB in memory sticks for movies PLUS UMD's for games and movies to carry around. And I still don't feel like I always have what I want. It's just enough to entertain me while travelling.

Rudy said,
They should have just preloaded it on the system....

Then it couldn't be limited to the 10 day window. This where one of the Sony exec's admitted the high price was to get more money from early adopters, not to recoup engineering costs, manufacture costs, etc.

Hm... I'm just not wowed by this new model. Maybe it's me, but I liked the older PSP more (Though I always hated the UMD, so there's one plus to this new one.). So, I guess I'll just have to wait and see...