Psystar pulls all Mac clones from its website

Not more than 24 hours after the 2.675 million dollar settlement, Psystar has pulled all of its Mac clones off of its website. The company that was made famous for trying to sell Mac clones has lost part of its battle with Apple. The company is not going down without a fight as they will continue to sell their Rebel EFI product that allows you to install OS X certain Intel based machines.

They are taking their new fight to Florida as they claim that the Rebel EFI was not part of Apple's lawsuit and therefore Apple can not force them to stop selling the product.

The case to stop Psystar from selling clones lasted about 17 months so it will be some time before the final ruling on the Rebel EFI is announced. No mention was made of what will happen to consumers who purchased a clone after the ruling was announced but before the products had been pulled from their web page.

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The Rebel EFI would be interesting to play around with but $50 is too much for a piece of software that doesn't do a whole hell of a lot other than allowing me to install OSX. $25 I could do, not $50. Especially considering I have no desire to setup a permanent Hackintosh, just one to play around with which is why I would never pay the Apple Tax and buy their overpriced hardware.

ir0nw0lf said,
What about the EFI-X USB hardware thingy that is out there? That in the same category?

That one used a bodged version of what is availible as Open Source on a < 20 pence PCB coated in black eproxy. That and it doesn't work properly!

Mine's not hacked at all, it's a retail install and it updates from software update fine :)
I say a few kexts, that's just for the bootloader

I don't need rebel EFI or anything to run my i7 Hackintosh, I just need the Snow Leopard install disc and a few kexts!
The fact they're selling this is ridiculous