Q&A with Logitech: New gaming mice discussed

Logitech had a busy day yesterday, announcing three new products designed for gamers. The company introduced the Logitech G15 keyboard, G5 and G7 G-Series gaming mice. TechSpot had the opportunity to talk with Erik Charlton, senior product-marketing manager at Logitech, who shared a few ideas and details on Logitech recently announced products:

"TS: The MX1000 was a stellar all-around mouse, what are your plans for laser technology, should we expect more breakthroughs of this kind?

We feel that laser tracking will have a sweeping impact on PC gaming. Our new Gaming-Grade mice sport 2000dpi laser engines that churn images at 6.4 megapixels / second. They support screaming fast 20g moves up to 45 inches / second...and even higher, depending upon the surface. Laser tracking will be the new standard for high-performance gaming mice."

View: Complete interview with Logitech @ TechSpot

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