"Rock" the weekend away?

Miners trapped a kilometre underground have been listening to an iPod while rescuers try to free them. Australians Brant Webb and Todd Russell, now on their ninth day in a collapsed mine shaft, were handed the music player through a small tunnel. They have also been given food, water, clothes, a digital camera and magazines.

A grinding machine, which is much safer than blasting or drilling, was used to dig 16 metres through solid rock to reach the men. But the 20cm wide pilot hole must be enlarged to one metre before they can crawl out. An iPod Rescuers said the tunnel would probably not be widened enough before the weekend.

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News source: Sky News

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But the question must be asked: Do they own legal rights to the tracks on the iPod they are listening to? I didn't think so. Get them RIAA. They can't escape now.

wonder if they got asked what music they want on it, or if they are stuck listening to britney spears greatest hits over and over