Rainlendar 2.2

Rainlendar is a feature rich calendar application that is easy to use and doesn't take much space on your desktop. The application is platform independent so you can run it both on Windows and on Linux. The appearance can be customized with skins and you can even mix different skins together. It is possible to use Rainlendar with other calendar applications too. Rainlendar uses the standard iCalendar format to store its events and tasks so you can easily transfer them between applications. You can also subscribe to online calendars and see your Outlook appointments directly in Rainlendar.

Download: Rainlendar 2.2 lite freeware
Download: Rainlendar 2.2 Pro shareware
Download: Rainlendar Skins
View: Free vs. Pro
Link: Rainlendar Home Page

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i keep going back and forth between outlook calendar and google calendar. does anyone know of a way that is free to get either onto my desktop, as a widget or something ? i dont want to download googledesktop, i know that is one way. i like the look of rainlender but money is an issue and £15 is a lot

I use the old one still because its free and it includes the networking of Rainlendars feature. Its faster in my opinion too.

So you don't have to open outlook (or web browser to go to gcalendar) just to see your calendar... You can view and edit (?) events in your desktop...

In a world of ubiquitous free online calendars, I can't help but think this guy's got serious competition.

To those who actually paid for something like this--why? I'm not trolling, I really wanna know.

I don't have the PRO version, but I've thought of paying to get it for its ability to integrate with Outlook and Google calendars.

[2.1 Build 44] - 20 Jul 2007 - Version 2.2
o Events with same start and end time couldn't be added to Google calendar. Fixed.
o Links didn't work in old skins. Fixed.
o Removed link formatting codes from the items in context menu.
o Added Urgent category to the Shadow4 skin.
o Added a separate snooze button to the alarm window for all items.