Rare: Xbox 360 owners may get custom avatar content

VG247 is reporting that Xbox 360 owners "may" get the ability to customize their avatar's content, noting that it was too big of a job to worry about back at the NXE's release last year.

The Avatar's designer, Dale Murchie, said, "User-generated content is a huge area that would not have been done any justice if we had tried to cram it into the launch release of this project". Then he hinted, "There may be features coming that open up the expressive potential of the Xbox community, but we're keeping quiet on that for now."

This is an important step for Microsoft if they wish to bring Avatars more into the foray of the Xbox 360's NXE, because at the moment they, while being compulsory, can't be customized as much as some would like. This could all change because the head of Art for Avatars, Lee Musgrave, "Creativity is going to play a big part in the development of the Avatars."

No word yet of any release date for this update, or if it is indeed under development, but these quotes are good signs of what's to come for Avatars.

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I can tell you there is still a handful of clothes they still have to unlock for the rest of the Xbox Gamers. As for this being able to customize the content, this will be an update ... if it's true, as there is nothing like this already on your Xbox.

i actually prefer it, gives a form of customization, imho it was crap where millions of gamertags looked the same

i would hold my laptop up to the vision cam to create my own gamerpic

SmithUK said,
why are the doing all this NXE crap, its slowly turning into a wii. It was better before

Sorry Smith, but you're wrong. What can't you do now that you could do before? Thats right, nothing. All the NXE stuff does is to open the console up to a broader audience and make it seem less "hardcore" to the family demographic.

Anything that dilutes the number of whiny, abusive, 12 year old (and mostly American) kids coming through my headset on a game of Halo 3 has got to be a good thing.

Sounds good but I can imagine a type of system that makes you either pay for the ability to use custom content or to use other peoples... afterall it is MS and its RARE that anything is free...