Raspberry Pi launches $25 version of its Linux PC in US

The Raspberry Pi Foundation first launched the $25 Model A version of its Linux PC in Europe in February. Today, the cheaper version of its bare-bones PC is finally available for direct sales in the US.

The report from TechCrunch states that the Model A is currently available from the Allied Electronics website. At the time of this post the company's page indicated it only had nine units available of the Model A so its current shipment of the device will likely run out later today. Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, claims that it has been selling a "few thousand a week" of the Model A version since it went on sale in Europe.

The $25 Model only has 256 MB of RAM compared to 512 MB for the $35 Model B. The Model A only has one USB port and has no Ethernet port. However, it uses a third of the power compared to Model B. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been promoting the $25 version as perfect for DIY projects that can use battery or solar power, in addition to its main mission of helping students learn to code on PCs.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Raspberry Pi

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The $25 Model only has 256 MB of RAM
Wrong it has 512 now that was the original price but things changed pretty rapidly over a year so they could squeeze in 512 for the same price!

It's intended as an educational toy for teaching kids some basic computer science (and programming), but a lot of people have bought them with cases and use them as tiny and cheap (albeit slow) media center PC's.

There's also a lot of hackers working on doing cool stuff with them. There's at least one garage door remote out there, and one of my friends was planning to use one to monitor his homebrew beer .

The OSs for the Pi have much improved since I got mine, now most of the latest ones I've tried have some sort of UI or text based setup for wifi

So not so much need to mess on editing wpa_supplicant.conf or /etc/networks/interfaces any more, which is nice

The latest RaspBMC even auto reconnects to wifi without having to reboot the whole unit lol

-adrian- said,
why not ship it with wifi? dont need to waste all the ports for wifi already.

Yeah you are right. Too bad we can have a hub for USB to further expand it. /s

You say you would buy it if it had WiFi on-board. So what would you use it for? I just want to see your use case and why you need both USB ports to be available without one being used for WiFi.