Razer announces Synapse 2.0 cloud storage service

The gaming PC peripheral company Razer has announced plans to offer owners of some of its products a way to upload their profiles and settings on the Internet. The company sent out a press release announcing that it would soon begin closed beta testing for Synapse 2.0. Synapse 1.0 is Razer's designation for adding on-board memory to its gaming PC mouse products back in 2006. Synapse 2.0 will extend that kind of support onto a cloud-based Internet storage service. Razer's press release proclaims with the advent of Synapse 2.0 "onboard memory for devices is now obsolete."

In basic terms, owners of upcoming Razer products will now be able to store info like gaming macros, key binds, and profiles on the Synapse 2.0 cloud server. If a gamer with those products is traveling to a LAN event, pro gaming tournament or just on vacation, he or she will be able to pull down those game settings for their Razer devices from the Synapse 2.0 cloud server. You can check out a video explaining more about how Synapse 2.0 will work below.

Razer has not said whether or not it will charge money for the Synapse 2.0 service. It is currently in internal beta testing and will launch later this year, starting with support for the gaming PC mouse and keyboard products made for the launch of the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. 500 people who own Razer's Naga gaming mouse will be selected later this year to participate in a closed beta test of Synapse 2.0.

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every tom, dick and harry is jumping onto the cloud. by the time the dust settled, i think most will think it's over-rated. just wet gas. might be smelly one at that. like what razer is offering.

It's definitely useful it you own several Razer peripherals or like to upgrades. As for myself, it's good because I review their products every now and then - this means that I don't need to re-create my profile/macros every time I try a new mouse or keyboard

But yeah, don't think people want to pay for this, especially with everyone giving free cloud storage nowadays (Dropbox, iCloud, etc)

I would hope that they do NOT charge money for this... at least not without dropping the price of their devices to compensate for the inevitable removal of the onboard memory.

Besides, what's this going to need... a few megabytes at most? They shouldn't be charging for such a trifling amount of cloud storage space.

Sales Gimmick. As someone who ALMOST bought a razor last month I can tell you with absolute certainty this would have made no difference what so ever in my buying decision either. Guess the company figures it's a cheap enough to do so why not implement it.

'Razer has not said whether or not it will charge money for the Synapse 2.0 service'
Charging money for that? Well, that's one great way to kill it off before it's even released.

Another owner of a Mamba here I dont get the point of it. I mean its on board your mouse anyway would only be useful for swapping Razer products to me or if there going to allow 2.0 to be use on non 1.0 products.