Razer teases May 30th product reveal that's really thin

Razer has been expanding well beyond its core group of PC gaming mice lately. In 2012, it launched its first true PC, the Razer Blade gaming laptop. Earlier this year, it launched the Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro gaming tablets, both using Windows 8.

Now Razer is apparently teasing us with a new YouTube video that is apparently supposed to hype up a big announcement on Thursday, May 30th. The video shows an extreme close up of a US dime coin rolling on its edge before it hits something that we can't quite make out. The dime then stops rolling and falls on its side, as the phrase "thinner than a dime" pops up.

We are guessing that whatever product Razer is going to reveal on Thursday is indeed "thinner than a dime" in some way. Just for reference, the current US dime happens to be just 1.35 mm thick. The fact that Razer has launched a teaser video well ahead of this unknown product launch means that it might be something pretty major, perhaps for a new product line that the company has not yet entered before. Hopefully all will be clear on this front in three days.

Source: Razer on YouTube

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Knowing Razer I'm going to guess it is some input device. Keyboard or... maybe a touch pad for Win8... *shrug* Interesting.

I wonder since products get smaller and smaller and then have to put a 'do not consume' warning in the box (especially for Apples and Blackberries).

You can use "Mouse Without Borders" by Microsoft for wifi keyboard/mouse. I would like to use my cell phone as a mouse when I'm on the road. It should be simple. It has the optical sensor on the back and multi-touch surface.

-adrian- said,
No it just suddenly changed the direction - guess its magic. try 0:11

God damn, how did i miss that?

On a side note, no need to be snarky about it.

What did they use to render that ad, DirectX 7?

Looking forward to the announcement! Whatever it is, I hope they remembered comfort matters over form in the end.

How to tell when a product is of no practical value or notable improvement;