Razer to reveal a "Revolution" on Tuesday, June 25th

In late May, Razer announced its new Windows 8 14-inch Razer Blade and 17-inch Razer Blade Pro laptops. That might be enough for some companies but it looks like Razer has something else up its sleeve that it will officially reveal next week.

The company's official website has posted up a page which simply has the name "Revolution" along with the date of Tuesday, June 25th. That's basically all we know at this point, but Razer is giving its fans a chance to guess as to what the product might be. The page has a form where people can type in their guess, along with their name and email address.

The deadline to enter this contest arrives, naturally, on Tuesday. Razer will give one person who correctly answers what they will reveal on June 25th, a choice of either a free Razer Kraken Pro headset, a free Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard or a free Razer Taipan PC mouse.

Razer was once known as a company that made just gaming-themed PC mice but it has greatly expanded in the last few years, adding gaming-themed keyboards, speakers, mousepads, console game controllers and most recently PC hardware products like the Blade laptops and Edge Windows 8 tablets.

Source: Razer | Image via Razer

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They not only make stylish yet overpriced products, but also using same vocabulary.
Everything is REVOLUTION for them.

Quillz said,
It will be something that's actually not a revolution.
This^ Company's love throwing that word around don't they!

With a name like 'revolution' and an image emphasizing two axes, it's bound to be hardware with moving parts as the key marketing point. This could be anything from some kind of new form factor for a system to a new gimmicky input device. We'll see.

new monitor with faster touch screen response...

orrr.... one of those fancy camera devices that you can use to track movements so you can flip between sites, type, scroll up and down with finger movements and crap.