Razer unleashes Junglecat, a sliding iPhone gamepad

Razer, a leading manufacturer of gaming accessories has announced its iOS gamepad, the Junglecat. The device is iOS compatible, but the case is exclusively designed for the iPhone 5 and 5S. This device caters to gamers that are obsessed with precision control.

The Razer Jungelcat employs a unique slider design that unveils the gaming control pad and buttons. The game controller will have its own iOS app that will allow customizations. Some of the customizations include the ability to remap / define the functions of each button and adjusting pressure sensitivity for each button. The companion iOS app will also allow for up to 20 personalized profiles, which can be paired to corresponding games.

Measuring in at 18mm, the Junglecat does add a bit of thickness but can also act as a protective case. The controller is designed around the iPhone allowing access to all of the existing ports. It is also a MFi product, meaning that it has Apple's blessing and will play nice with all compatible Apple products like the iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

Razer will be exhibiting at E3 2014 in Los Angeles where we hope to get our hands on it for some real world testing.

The Razer Jungelcat retails for $99 USD and is available now.

Source: CNET via Razer | Image via Razer

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I like the concept, not sure if I really need a gamepad for my phone (not that I have an iphone anyway). What I would LOVE though is a keyboard case very much like this. I can text so much faster with a physical keyboard vs an onscreen one... the thing I miss from my last dumb phone is the slide out keyboard.

Kalint said,
They think their ###### dont stink. All their stuff is over priced.

bull. i got a few of their products and they are worth every penny. my deathadder mouse running strong for many years and i love it just as much as i did when i got it. $99 for this particular product does seem very steep though!

other products are newer, but very nice so far.

this looks cool, however i dont do mobile gaming.

The DeathAdder is my current mouse. I have one on one of my computers and it's 6 years old. It's the only mouse I find as good as my old Microsoft IntelliMouse 3.0.