RBS to release Windows Phone app "soon"

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has often been criticized for lack of third-party apps and low interest from developers, mainly because of low market share. Ever since the launch of Windows Phone 8, however, the platform has gathered momentum and more apps are being published every day.

Now, the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the biggest banks in the world has just revealed via its Twitter stream that they are indeed developing an app for Microsoft’s smartphone OS. They are just the latest bank to release such an app with a few other names, including Bank of American and JP Morgan Chase, having made the jump a while ago.

As you can see in the tweet card above, users won’t have too long to wait before they can access their RBS accounts from their Windows Phones thought we don't know if it's a matter of days or weeks. Details about the actual app have yet to be released but a few features such as account management and funds transfers are sure to make an appearance. And of course the whole app will feature very tight security to keep your information safe.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as new information is made available.

Source: RBS Twitter via WPCentral

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Good news for WP users to see banks adopting the platform. I just hope that it supports WP7.x as well.

It is important to me to see that developers will be supporting WP7.x because I would be worried to move to WP8 and have the same issue happening with the next WP release.

Natwest announced over a year ago that they were developing a WP app. They are a subsidiary of RBS (with several times as many customers in the UK) so I guess this is the same project. Of course what their definition of "ready soon" is remains to be seen. They've been taking their time getting it done.