Re: The Explosion at The Planet Datacentre

Now that The Planet have started to power up their customers servers again after they had an explosion from one of their transformers earlier this week, see Here, it seems some facts are beginning to come to the surface by several servers' owners.

The following was posted on The Planets own forum by a member named adnoid

I only manage one server in the affected DC, and I'm happy that it is back on line.

Going through the logs, however, I see the last log entry was at 17:15:00 CDT - yet all the notices say the fire/explosion happened "around 17:45 CDT", a half hour later. I had top running, and it also shows a last refresh at 17:14:56 (set to update every 15 seconds), which is consistent.

and later i came across this post in the SoftLayer's forum by a user named nightwalker (SoftLayer are another company who offer similar services as The Planet)

"I just spoke to a friend who was on-site and said everything was business as normal.

[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:48:47] the whole thing with TP
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:48:51] is really fishy
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:49:12] i was there last night
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:49:17] and there was no trucks
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:49:21] no nothing
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:49:30] no electricians
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:49:58] so either they renamed the spring tx location tohouston 1
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:50:03] or nothing happened
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:55:07] the msg from Doug came at 11PM
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:55:18] i was there at 2 AM and everything was fine
[Sunday June 01 2008 - 14:55:23] and stuff is still not back."

Could there have been a cover-up?
What could The Planet be trying to hide?
Tell us what you think!, Comment below!

Link: The Planet Forum post about the time discrepancies
Link: SoftLayer Forum post about the absence of activity

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Had something similar happen here with the Qwest Central Office. Their battery bank caught fire and everything went down. All the noobs expect Hollywood pyrotechnics and massive amounts of smoke. Sorry, but in real life, a lot of damage can occur without a lot of visible signs. The fire suppression equipment is pretty fast acting and overwhelming to stuff inside the building.

Hmmm. Actually, I have a friend who lives in Houston and works for whatever part of the FD there. Hadn't heard about this until I sent him the link.

I heard the explosion was caused by aliens. They were ordered to invade the planet, but they attacked the company instead of Earth.

Well, my boxes, which are at "The Planet" never went down. If others did, that sucks. But mine never even blinked.

This was posted on the Orbit Portal:

Dear Customer:

This morning at approximately 2:45 a.m. CST, the temporary generator supplying power to the servers and environmental control systems located in Phase 1 of our H1 facility shut down. This was caused by some faulty current sensors in the output breaker. The sensors detected an out of balance current condition that did not exist.

Technicians from the generator company were onsite within 15 minutes. After working on the breaker for an hour, they believed the issue was remedied, and the generator was restarted. As the servers and environmental control systems were brought back online, the breaker again caused the generator to trip offline.

At this time we have a replacement breaker in route to the site and will get power restored as soon as physically possible.

We understand the difficult situation this causes for our customers. As such, we are offering to move all H1 Phase 1 customers to our H2 data center here in Houston. This requires physically moving servers to our data center, which is approximately three miles away from the H1 data center. It also requires IP address changes for all servers relocated to H2.

We will take move requests on a first-come, first served basis. We will need the customer name and customer ID (for example C13572). You'll also need to update your root/administrative password in Orbit or ServerCommand prior to submitting your ticket. To request a move for your server from H1 Phase 1 to H2, please log into Orbit or ServerCommand and submit a Manual Reboot Request. In the summary input box include 'H1 Phase I Server Move Request' along with the hardware object ID or server IP address in the description input box.

Estimated time to have your server moved depends on the volume of requests we have. We have additional staff on hand to begin the process immediately.

To make this request, please submit a Manual Reboot Request via ServerCommand or Orbit, and we will begin processing requests immediately.


The Planet Customer Support

It was setup so that the Government could setup some monitoring equipment, they are now keeping track of the Tubes

/conspiracy theory

I have two servers at H2, they both stayed online throughout this time - however because I use their DNS I was unable to access either server via a domain name - that's still the case for some people and the full DNS still has NOT been restored!

The main issue here was the main DNS server failed for EV1 customers servers (which The Planet bought out), and I don't think they had a backup plan for failure of that DNS server because it was due to be merged with the "Orbit" DNS system that the Planet already used.

The Planet did say those 9,000 servers were not damaged, well I don't think they even lost power for most - it was simply the domain names which all failed (AKA DNS).

Secret Government Agents abducted a server containing evidence aliens really exist, ThePlanet are apart of the secret government organization keeping the truth from people! SOMEONE CALL AGENT FOX MULDER!

It could also be the simple fact that the malfunctions in the electrical room began at 15 past and because of power issues, the servers began boot cycling to compensate for it. Then, 30 minutes later, the room explodes.

I don't think they are covering up anything. All proof provided is circumstantial.

Some people simply have nothing to do with their time.

I fail to see what they could be covering up, and what they would gain by claiming there was an explosion and dragging down 9,000 servers.

It seems more likely to me that the person posting on their forum got his time differences wrong, or the server they were monitoring had an incorrectly configured time...

Insurance money or an employee there was up to something and destroyed evidence. I'd go with insurance money.

My ex knew a guy and he collected insurance money when his house blew up. Then a year later, almost one year to the day, his car blows up. He got money for that also, but then they turned around and arrested him and he admitted doing it all himself just to get the money.

My sisters ex crashed his moms car 5 times within a 4 month period. He was a junkie and made a deal with his mom to crash her car and they'd split the money. I think it's pathetic though that the insurance company didn't catch on until after 5 crashes. I thought it was obvious after the 2nd crash and even called and reported them, but the place did nothing. He's in jail now finally.

People do stuff like this all the time. Not saying that's what's going on here though. Just giving a reason other than "aliens did it" lol

Whilst insurance is a good example for what you've given, it doesn't really fit the 'The Planet'.

In both examples you have given, the people involved were content with having half an item after - the car must still have worked, albeit not in pristine condition, and they simply didn't spend the money on the repairs / had the repairs over-estimated.

With the house, the guy obviously needed the cash quickly, and would have probably had market value back from the insurance. He's not really gained anything - he lost the house for the sake of cash. Fraud, but still a case of swapping one for the other.

With 'The Planet', surely as a business they want as little downtime as possible. Their revenue and ultimately their value as a company in investors eyes relies on them giving a top service. Even if they claim for the damage to equipment (which will be estimated by an insurance representative), the equipment needs replacing for their business to continue, and thus their continued revenue. Also if they have revenue protection insurance, the claim would be for losses incured due to the downtime, ie money they need to return to customers as part of their 100% uptime garuntee. Again, no direct impact on the company with regards to financial gain.

The only reason I could see insurance as the reason for any 'conspiracy' would be if customer servers were damaged - new for old from the insurance company which would cut their hardware bills substantially, but again - customer servers are reported as fine.

If it turns out that 'The Planet' are doing financially badly and fold soon after this, again, insurance money could come into play, but it looks like they are doing all they can to repair the damage, and their image with customers / potential new customers.

With regards to a staff member trying to cover up something, surely it would be more beneficial for the employee to go after servers with data on worth hiding, rather than a power relay? Doesn't look like there's any data loss - just power outages causing downtime.

I think the whole 'conspiracy' theory in this case is just someone trying to get themselves some attention - as far as I can see from the whole coverage, i'd be tempted to stick with 'major accident'.

lol The internet has given us a great many good things, but I routinely curse that it gave such a wide and rapid channel for the conspiracy theorists and bedroom detectives.

Nowhere else is the word of "a friend" taken to have such honest meaning and representation of factual events. I should know, a friend told me!

The following was posted on The Planets own forum by a member named adnoid

And subsequently ignored by the looks of it, as people had better things to be doing with their time!