Real Network launches legal movie download service

Thanks Waqas. Could it be under the influence of the supposingly successful iTunes music store that pushes Real Network to come up with a $12.95/month service for full-lenght film downloads?

Hoping to repeat with movies the success it has enjoyed with music, RealNetworks Inc. today is expected to announce a $12.95-per-month subscription service that allows downloading an unlimited number of recent, full-length films to laptops or PCs.

The new service, called Starz! Ticket on Real Movies, offers 100 movies at a time, chosen online using RealNetworks' RealPlayer 10. Subscribers can download any number of movies at once, to as many as three computers.

The movies remain playable for up to six weeks, after which they automatically delete themselves from the computer's hard drive. About 25 new movies become available each week, as 25 others go out of circulation

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News source: Seattle PI

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Sometimes I wish the age limit of this site was raised to 18, just to get rid of half you prepubescent banwagon whore trolls who try to compensate for your lack of manhood and maturity by going around bashing every piece of software that someone, along the line, also hated.

Have you used Real 10? They know they screwed up and their latest release shows that they are willing to learn from their mistakes. Half of these kids here go around bashing AOL, MS, Real, and whoever else they see someone else bashing with no actual basis for their beliefs.

This is definitely interesting. Really, while you don't get to keep movies as long as you do with NetFlix, this is alot more convenient. The only thing that bothers me is that movies don't stay available to download and eventually get replaced.