Records shattered by GTA IV

Nearly 1 million copies sold in first week...

Grand Theft Auto IV seizes the top spot in the ChartTrack/ELSPA All Formats chart, outselling former No.1 Wii Fit by over 9 to 1.

Sales for the latest GTA accounted for 61.2 per cent of the value of the software sold in the week ending May 3, which single-handedly tops the total software market figure for every week since the first week of 2008.

The game sold an estimated 631,000 units on its first day of release and came close to breaking the 1 million unit milestone over the following five days, with overall sales of 926,000 copies, amounting to £39.9 million. It has even sold more units than almost every title in 2007, excluding FIFA 08, Brain Training and Call Of Duty 4.

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I'm still extremely ****ed that NZ and Australia got the edited version. There was no reason for that. I still bought it though...I couldn't resist...I'd just like to know exactly what was cut...

WOOHOOO, i LUV this game, bought a PS3 just to play it.. and it does prove to all the anti-piracy people, that consumers are more than willing to pay for somethign that is good. i had no problems forking out the cash as i knew it was gogin to be well worth the cost..

What surprised me was people actually bought this game in Australia, knowing they are paying more then everyone else and getting less game (cause the of the OFLC ordering to have it edited). Don't get me wrong, I'm sure GTAIV is awesome but I refuse to buy it.

I just wish the OLFC would get over themselves and introduce an R18+ rating for games, but unfortunatly hell will freeze over before that happens :(...

refusing to buy it is doing nothgin but hurting rockstar, they have no control over the decision so there is no reason to boycot the game, if u are that aginst it order the uncut version online adn get it shipped over, or geta friend to buy it when they are overseas..

but i do agree, with all the crap u see on movies nowdays, i dont get y they cant have an r rating for games, hell most gamers i know are over 18 anyway

Excellent game, love how involving and real Liberty City feels.

What I don't understand is Microsoft claiming victory for the 360 with GTA when 55% of the total copies sold were on the 360. Surely with the 360 having such a big lead over the PS3 with consoles sold, you'd expect the sales for GTA IV on 360 to be greater than 55%?

I'll admit now that I've got a PS3, but that doesn't mean I hate anything to do with Microsoft and the 360 - I just find Microsoft's claim a bit odd.

lol why the picture here says libery city stories... fix it :)

Anyway... of course! good games sell, bad games dont sell .... look RIAA/MPAA (even tho they dont care about games) you need more proof you guys are idiots?

It's not Liberty City Stories, but the game does take place in Liberty City. I don't really see the need to change the image.

What needs to be changed is the number of people who feel the need to complain about little stuff like this on Neowin every single day. Someone complained about the Nine Inch Nails free album story the other day because it featured an image of the iTunes icon. The story was about music and the icon is about music so it fits in with the story.

If the image just said Grand Theft Auto, I bet someone would've complained that it didn't feature IV in it or that the image is from GTA 1 and not right for the story.