Red Hat releases Fedora Core 6

On Tuesday, Red Hat released Fedora Core 6, its newest hobbyist version of Linux, with an expandable new installation routine and a third try at incorporating Xen virtualization software.

Fedora Core 6, free and faster-moving alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is in effect a rough draft of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5, to be released in late 2006 or early 2007. The biggest change coming with RHEL 5 is Xen, open-source virtualization software that lets multiple operating systems run simultaneously, each in its own separate compartment called a virtual machine. Virtualization, a high-end feature now arriving in x86 servers, lets a single server replace several less efficiently used ones.

Xen appeared in Fedora Core 4 and 5, but the version in Fedora Core 6 should be close to what appears in RHEL 5, said Max Spevack, the Fedora project leader. One major feature is a graphical administration tool to control Xen virtual machines.

Also in Fedora Core 6 is Linux eye candy, based on the AIGLX project and the Compiz window manager. The features require 3D graphics video support, but permit several features. Among them, desktops of the graphical user interface can be mapped to faces of a virtual 3D cube that users can rotate. And windows can become transparent and wobbly like Jell-O when moved.

The Linux version also switches to the DejaVu font, an open-source font project derived from Bitstream's Vera typeface.

Download: Fedora Core 6 (list of mirrors)
View: FC6 Release Summary
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IMHO Download it for fun (if fun for you is to spend some hours installing a new os), maybe this release is compatible with all your hardware (miracle happens).

hrm.. I don't know.. I'm still debating as to whether or not I should download this. I became a little sour with Linux after I ran into headache after headache. It wasn't worth it to me.

get 64-bit if your processor supports it. Personally I wouldn't, the video drivers don't work as well as they do on i386. So download the CD isos or DVD iso of your preferred platform.

Quote - Colin-uk said @ #8
Linux is the devil!

See :P

hehe, I loved FC5, screenshots of 6 look nice too, downloading now :)

Hehe, very swift.

Fedora is and always has been a crappy distro IMO. I'm using ubuntu right now but there's a lot of things that are lacking. At least out of the box they all beat windows. Ubuntu has fixed the fonts issues quite nicely with edgy (or maybe it was dapper, i can't remember). I recently booted into windows and almost went blind. Wow cleartype is crap! Mac OS X fonts and rendering though are the best in the industry. hard to beat.

Sounds like it's chock-full of some real exciting features...

I would prefer things like movie/mp3/ntfs/mouse drivers/3d drivers support out-of-box (don't tell me, licensing issues). A decent media player (totem replacing helix doesn't cut it). Making Firefox take less than 10 seconds to start. Some decent web fonts so every webpage doesn't look like ass. I could probably go on if I felt like booting into fc5.