Reddit provides dying boy with his wish

The internet can be a source of much gain and loss, for different people. Reddit certainly acts as a hub for many different communities, including the good and bad. The good tends to shine through when it is most needed, and that was exactly the case for Redditor Kivakid, who has a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Kivakid turned to the AskReddit subreddit, posting a thread asking where to get advance copies of books. His friend had one wish: to read the next novel in Harry Turtledove's The War That Came Early series. Cancer meant doctors were unsure if he would live through June, and the novel was due for release in July. Kivakid sent the touching letter below to Harry Turtledove, in the hope of fulfilling his friend's request:

In addition to this, he showed a screencap of a conversation held with his friend about what he wanted to do before cancer eventually took its toll upon him. The screenshot, showing only a brief part of the conversation, shows the extraordinary tenderness Kivakid holds for the news, and the willingness he had to help his friend. The conversation is below:

By sheer luck, it just so happened that another author with the same publishing company happened to see the thread on Reddit, after users went as far as getting in contact with Turtledove's family to request the delivery of the books given. The Redditor, going by the name of LowFuel, managed to speak to Turtledove's editor, with advance copies of the novel literally just landing on the desk beforehand.

Turtledove also offered to tell Kivakid's friend about his plans for the series over the phone in the future, so that he could know the conclusion to the series before terminal illness could have its fullest effect upon him. Perhaps the most bittersweet part of the story was Kivakid's recording of his friend receiving the book. He uploaded the video to YouTube, and it can be watched below:

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Guys... sure the friend should be applauded for having the initiative to ask the question of the publisher, but let's keep it in proportion. The friend didn't write the book. The friend didn't agree to release a copy of the book early. The friend didn't agree to speak to the sick kid on the telephone. No, the friend just wrote a few sentences on a blog and chatted to a couple of people that responded.

Some appreciation needs go to the author and publisher too I think.

Not often to I find uplifting cool articles on neowin like this. go Harry. have maybe one book by him. on a co author thing. Got sidetracked by harry potter the other harry. too many harry's.

I know the friend did most of the leg work, but Reddit is definitely a place to go for a shot-in-the-dark chance of achieving something like this. Seen many great stories on Reddit, the community is amazing source of help.

Colin McGregor said,

How about doing your work instead of being on neowin pointing out whats nsfw

How about you two realize that you're allowed to browse the net for personal purposes during breaks for example with many employers.
That doesn't mean though, that NSFW rules don't apply during your breaks!

Give htcz a break!


Ishanx said,
Oh my, i am touched. :')

Other than his excessive use of the phrase "holy ****", that too also brought a tear to my eye.