Redesigned 22tracks music discovery website goes live with Microsoft's help

Microsoft has announced that the newly redesigned website for the 22tracks music discovery service has gone live with the help of the Internet Explorer team.

22tracks is a relatively new service with apps available on all major platforms which provides playlists created by local DJs from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Brussels. Now the startup has launched a touch friendly website using the expertise from Microsoft's Internet Explorer team who have been focusing on making IE 11 the best browser for touch screens.

The redesigned website offers an almost native experience through the browser using various HTML5 features. According to the Windows blog, the team behind 22tracks aims at making the website a combination of good design, music and HTML5 web standards.

The 22tracks website is now a part of the campaign which also includes various web based games such as Contre Jour and Atari Arcade developed in collaboration with the Internet Explorer team. Microsoft has enabled XBOX Music support for 22tracks in order to simplify purchasing the music played on the website.

Source: Windows Blog

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I didn't know this site existed until now. Finally some proper music and by that I mean no Rhianna etc.. :p

Pretty neat site (worked well on Chrome, IE & Mobile) Regardless of your love/hate for IE it's always awesome to see people pushing ahead to develop awesome applications and user experiences on all platforms.

For a site Microsoft helped with and which pushes Microsoft technology (IE 11), it still seems really odd that there USED to be a 22tracks Windows Phone app... but isn't any more. At least they could say it's COMING (an updated version) or something. Microsoft needs to stop ignoring their own platform.

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