ReiserFS creator gets 15-to-life for murder

Hans Reiser, creator of ReiserFS, a journaled computer file system used by Linux, was handed a prison sentence of 15-to-life Friday, putting a final capstone on a case that began as a murder mystery, and ended with Reiser leading police to a makeshift grave a short distance from where he strangled his wife.

"I wish to humbly apologize to society for my crime," Reiser said in a statement before his sentence was pronounced. "Every human life is sacred. I took the life of a human being and I'm very sorry for that."

Hans Reiser killed his wife, Nina, at about 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 3, 2006, according to the belated confession Reiser wrote as part of his deal, said prosecutor Paul Hora after the sentencing. He first punched her in the mouth, cutting his hand, then strangled her to death. He briefly stored the body in the bathroom, then moved it to his car, where it stayed for two days while he searched for a place to bury her.

Reiser vowed to try to make up to society for what he had done. He said he was putting Namesys (the company behind ReiserFS) and ReiserFS into a trust fund his children, and that he hoped to earn money while in prison to make their lives a little more comfortable, "assuming I'm able to get access to a computer and the internet."

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Glad he got convicted.

I think it was terribly arrogant of him, and reflects extremely negatively to have denied it for so long only to finally admit after he was convicted.

I hope he rots in jail.

Not smart enough to get away with murder. Inside I feel good about that but sad that he did what he did. I still use ReiserFS in all my linux systems, the day zfs is implanted in linux I will change untill then I'll keep using ReiserFS.

P.S. Saw the interview of 2020 and I don't believe the last statement he made that she sleep with his best friend. I figured the guy is a control freak and she allowed it in the beginning of the relationship until she got to the US and saw how things where "really" like. He didn't like it and the rest is history.

To go a bit off-topic here, there's a filesystem in development (called btrfs) for Linux that has a lot of the features zfs does. Since zfs will probably not get into Linux any time soon because the licensing (except in FUSE), you might want to check that out.

It's awkward how all of a sudden he is such a major subject because he created this particular file system. Could it have been someone else, no one would have cared and/or made such a fuss about it. Understandable however.

Nevertheless, kudos to him for creating whatever he created. But humans are humans and emotions are emotions. What he did is certainly wrong and I hope he understood and accepted that and hopefully he will learn his lesson after 15+ years in prison.

Ive never heard of him before or ReiserFS however personally I don't like the fact that he will have access to the internet in prison to help him continue his business. Although its good its for his family.

This whole thing is disgusting and makes me want to vomit. That said, his crime didn't involve computers, and computers are the area where he is clearly productive, so it would be counter-productive to discourage that when he was in prison. Spending time trying to make his children's lives more comfortable sounds like something worthwhile.

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