Reminder - Cellfactor: Revolution releases today May 8th

Just a reminder to my loyal Neowin followers that Cellfactor: Revolution the recently (literally last month) announced free to play multiplayer FPS based around the Ageia PhysX card, but playable for the masses without one, will be released sometime later today May 8th.

For those of you not in the know, Cellfactor was originally a tech demo (released last year) to show off the power of what Ageia could do for in game physics. Well Immersion Games and Artificial Studios decided to give gamers a present in the way of a totally free multiplayer FPS in Cellfactor: Revolution. Over the past 6 or so months the game has been developed with the Ageia PhysX card in mind, but it is playable without the hardware. If you do not have the Ageia card in your system, you will be limited in several ways, including how many maps are available to you and what game modes you can play. Plus, all the physics rendered on screen will be in software (one would assume) which would probably bring even the most powerful systems to their knees.

Needless to say, if you have an Ageia PhysX card, you are going to rather enjoy Cellfactor: Revolution. And if you don't have a PhysX card - you will still probably enjoy the game. I will link two reviews to the game at the end of this story, both give it very positive reviews for both people with and people without Ageia PhysX cards. Enjoy everyone, I will update this story with download links as soon as they are made available.

*Added download link, thanks to greatpumpkin02 and alister. Added Fileplanet mirror.

View: Cellfactor: Revolution Homepage
Download: Filefront Download (859 MB) | Fileplanet Mirror
Link: Tech Gage Review
Link: GotFrag Review

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I can't say for sure, without a Ageia card it may not be showing me all the options, but I can only see single player skirmish stuff, and LAN options.

Well, it ran, and it was OK, but i think if you want any enjoyment out of this one, you're going to need the PPU. Purely because there are so many things flying around at once you can't even make sense of it all, it's just something you need to play this game.

Ok, piece of advice: Unless you have a monster rig, don't bother lol

This thing made my PC cry blood. Plus, if you don't have an Ageia card, you can ONLY play single player skirmishes, or make LAN servers, there is no online multiplayer with it. And you can't use all the maps.

I'm not kidding, I turned down the graphics options, I was still getting about 3 fps max. But the music was good, and the explosions looked nice

Yes but remember without an Ageia card in your system you are seriously limited to what you can play.