Report: AT&T to boost Lumia 900 marketing

The Nokia Lumia 900 has already seen a ton of marketing and advertising behind its launch in the US earlier in April. Nokia hit the ground running with its "smartphone beta test" TV commercials and its free Nicki Minaj concert in New York City's Times Square. Now the Lumia 900's wireless carrier AT&T may be ready to boost its own publicity efforts for the Windows Phone device.

AT&T employee Jeffrey Brown posted up word on his Twitter page that marketing for the Lumia 900 is slated "... to go into high gear in May, June." He adds, "Stores make it mandatory that each rep sell at least one Lumia 900 by end of April."

AT&T has been exceeding its expectations with sales of the Lumia 900 and has even had some issues keeping units of the phone in stock. In another Twitter post, Brown seems to confirm this, saying, "Word seems to be getting out to the mainstream buyer not just early innovators. Good press/word of mouth 4 WP making an impact on 900 sales."

In related news, reports that Lumia 900 owners who bought the phone before April 21st are now getting their promised $100 credit on their AT&T monthly bill. Nokia and AT&T announced the extra credit as compensation for some post-launch data connection issues with the Lumia 900. Those problems have since been corrected.

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