Report claims Microsoft Accounts to get new recovery options and more

Microsoft has been adding new features for Microsoft Account members on a regular basis, including most recently giving them a way to make any of their aliases their primary alias for their account. Today, the site, which has broken a number of Microsoft Account related stories in the past, reports that the company plans to add some additional features for those users.

The report, using unnamed sources, claims that one of the new features is something called Recovery Codes. The site says that the Microsoft Account website will be able to generate a random code for a user to write down and save. The code can then be used to sign onto the account if the user forgets their main password. The report claims that these codes will replace the current security question method for account recovery, such as the answer to, "What is your mother's maiden name?"

Another new feature that is reportedly being added is a way for a user to see any recent activity on their Microsoft Account. This will include being able to view details like IP addresses, location, date and time for each account activity. Users will also be able to click on a “This wasn’t me” button if they are suspicious of any activity on the account. Finally, the report claims that Microsoft Account users will be able to send security notifications about their account to another email other than their primary account such as an alternate email address or a mobile device.

So far, Microsoft has yet to confirm if these new features are in the work and the report did not offer a specific date for when these new Microsoft Account additions will be put in place.

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