Report: Comcast to demo 1Gbps service on Thursday

Even as US Internet broadband service providers continue to put in broadband caps on their service they also continue to promise new and faster tiers of service. Broadband Reports has a story today that states that one of the largest such ISPs in the US, Comcast, is preparing to demo a 1 Gbps service on Thursday at the NCTA's The Cable Show trade show. In addition to the 1 Gbps service, Comcast is also expected to demo a service that will support a symmetrical 100 Mbps Internet speed (100 Mbps for both download and upload speeds). The image above reportedly shows that service in action.

The article points out that even though Comcast might be demoing such speeds on Thursday it could be a long time before regular Comcast customers will be able to sign up for such services in their homes and businesses. Paid Content claims it has already seen the 1 Gbps demo from Comcast. It states the connection downloaded "the full fifth season of 30 Rock—all 23 episodes—in roughly 1 minute and 40 seconds."

1 Gbps internet speed will reportedly be a reality for the small California town of Sebastopol in the next few weeks. The small ISP will be offering such Internet speeds for 700 homes in that town for just $70 a month. As we have reported earlier this year Google is going to launch its own 1 Gbps Internet service in Kansas City. That service is scheduled to go live sometime in 2012.

Image via Broadband Reports

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