Report: Dell working on 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet for enterprise

Earlier this month, Dell reported a pretty chunky 72% fall in its profits for the last quarter, down to $204m on the back of relatively stable revenues of $14.5bn. The struggling PC market will no doubt have contributed to that, but despite this, Dell remains optimistic, particularly about its prospects in the enterprise sector.

According to Digitimes, Jeff Clarke, the company’s vice-chairman and president of its Global Operations and End User Computing Solutions unit, is enthusiastic about Windows 8.1, especially when it comes to targeting business customers.

Clarke is said to see considerable advantages in the security and device management aspects of Windows compared with iOS and Android – so much so, in fact, that he believes Windows 8.1 will become top dog in the enterprise PC space. New Windows tablets are promised before the end of the year, but Clarke did not elaborate on Dell’s plans.

Digitimes sources claim that at least two devices are en route, both with a clear enterprise focus. Following in the footsteps of the Acer Iconia W3 – the first ‘small’ Windows 8 tablet – Dell is reportedly preparing an 8-inch Windows 8 slate to be released later this year. Information on the second device is less clear; it’s said that Dell is “considering releasing a 10.6-inch Windows tablet”, with “either a Core i or Atom processor”.

With specific reference made to Windows 8.1, it seems safe to assume that neither tablet will launch before the updated OS is officially released on October 18.

Source: Digitimes | image via Dell

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so let me get this straight.....

Dells profits are down
Windows 8 isn't selling in the volumes they thought it would
Enterprise are not moving to it
Dell has already made windows 8 tablets before which haven't sold

so to fix all those problems, they are going to make a new one?

I guess they are going to innovate and release something pretty awesome rather than just your usual run of the mil tablet in an 8" form factor.

No, they didn't have a 72% drop in profits since no one has a 72% profit margin (well, except for maybe jewelry stores and drug dealers) Taking a percentage change of a percentage is not valid unless you're purposefully trying to mislead. For example 1% drop with 5% margin would be 20%. The same 1% drop with a 2% margin would be 50%. Same drop, different numbers.

If made100 Euros in profitthis quarter last year, but this quarter my profit is 28 Euros, my profit dropped 72%. Don't over-complicate basic math.

I gave a clear and simple example why it's misleading. How about address that? There's a lot of mis-use of statistics that appears like simple math until you study it. The problem comes up because profit is a composite of several different numbers and not a data element by itself.

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It would be nice of Dell if they stay on top of technology and provide latest processor at a reasonable prices around the world. US only won't do it.

You sure? I recall Dell saying Win8 is a bad OS and people are just not buying it you could be right though, it was some time ago and is not out of the question that I remembered it wrong

This is no surprise really, 8.1 is a very good update and especially on tablets. I've been using the preview since the start on my Samsung tablet and it's worth it. If dell can get a good 8" tablet with the right hardware and price with Win8.1 on it then I see no reason why enterprise customers won't buy them.

Heck, if the price is right even regular customers would buy them as well. Dell just needs to step up it's hardware game.