Report: Google+ growth slowing; could reach 18 million users today

A new report suggests that the rapid growth of new Google+ users is beginning to slow down. However the social networking service launched by Google less than a month ago is still on track to exceed 18 million users sometime today. These numbers come from founder Paul Allen who has been posting up his own estimates of Google+ user growth on his Google+ page.

As he states, " ... more than 750,000 people joined the site on Monday". That compares to earlier this month where Allen claims we saw two days where more than 2 million signed up in a single day." If growth had continued at that rapid pace, Google+ would have reached the 20 million user base mark last Sunday. Still reaching 18 million users inside of a month for a service that is technically still invite only is impressive.

Allen also points out that Google hasn't flexed its considerable resources to actively market Google+ yet. What is the company waiting for? Allen speculates, "Perhaps the product management team is still trying to get the product right. They are certainly paying attention to what customers are saying and responding quickly to try to improve the service. Perhaps the engineering team, which has publicly admitted some degree of surprise at the amount of traffic Google+ has already generated, needs more time for scalability. It's probably a combination of those two factors." He adds, "Chairman Eric Schmidt says the vision is to integrate Circles and sharing with all the other Google properties. When that happens, you will likely see millions of people joining Google+ every day for some period of time." If that happens you might also see lots of people fleeing Google+'s biggest rival Facebook to join the new service.

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.Neo said,
So far only two people I actually know use Google+. Not much point in switching IMO.

I'm having the same problem, nobody to talk to.

Voice of Buddy Christ said,
I still haven't been invited. Likely they've hit the bottom of the barrel as far as invites go.

If you want send me a pm with your email i can send you an invite

It's just another pointless article by someone who felt like writing an article by the sounds of it.

It's BETA and not open to the public therefore it's impossible for the site to sustain growth, especially with no advertising.. it's obviously not ready yet.. i absolutely love G+ but feel there is lots missing, what we have now is the foundations for something great... wait and see, things dont happen over night.

Once google Plus goes public the rush will return at a much higher magnitude, the buzz still must grow and google will not allow it to go public until so.

I actually posted on my facebook account that I was giving away invites to google plus and mostly everyone had no idea on how to grab an invite before I came into the picture.

I actually got my invite from here but not everyone is a tech interested person like us

I think it's more to do with the public knowledge basically........also I strongly believe lot of people who do use Google+ don't really know that they can invite their friends, probably due to the almost invisble "invite" button placed at the bottom right of the screen which is definitely not prominent enough!

Sane here not too much people know about it. It's in early adopters stage,Google still needs to polish it to make attractive to the normal person -not the tech enthusiasts.How could this be appealing as fbook but different...

Regardless of how popular it becomes among geeks, it wont replace Facebook as the defacto social network. Not unless they have a strategy for attracting 750 million users on a premise other than "i hate facebook".

would google be allowed to do something to do the google homepage to promote google+? i guess google can do whatever they want yes but i guess for certain things they could get into trouble by the people who like to sue?

some ideas would be change the google logo on day of public launch or on 1st year birthday, or do something like they have done with google chrome so when you visit the google homepage using IE it tells you to install chrome

other alternatives could include television commercials, newspaper and billboard posters?


drazgoosh said,
These numbers keep going up but I've applied with four different emails and haven't got a single invite.
PM me your email and i'll send you one. I don't think Google have invited anyone who signed up on that page, think it's just a "we'll let you know when it launches properly" signup

So, yet again, do not mix up users with accounts. 18mln accounts doesn't mean 18mln users.

I don't see overtaking three main social networks (facebook, qzone and vkontakte) in near feature.

naap51stang said,
LOL...I don't see (yet) what the big deal is. I think most of the growth, is from people handing out invites to other people.

If I invite you, you don't count until you login to Google+.

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