Report: HTC and Sprint canceled color customization project for HTC 8XT

In July, Sprint started selling its first Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC 8XT, for $99.99 with a new two year contract. Today, there's word that the phone's launch was supposed to include an even bigger feature that in the end got canceled; a way for owners to put in their own colors for the phone's case.

The Verge reports that the two companies collaborated on the project, which included the making of an HTC Design Studio app, shown above. The idea was that people who bought the HTC 8XT from Sprint could then go into the app to create custom colors for their phone's speaker, accents and more. It also included an option to engrave a personal message on the phone's case.

Basically, Sprint and HTC were planning to do what Google/Motorola and AT&T will be doing with the upcoming customization options for the Moto X smartphone. What happened? The report claims that Sprint and HTC shelved their own plans due to cost and complexity issues but details were not revealed. It remains to be seen if the customization features planned for the Moto X will be a hit with consumers but at least we know that more than one company was working on the same idea.

Source: The Verge | Image via The Verge

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