Report: LinkedIn beats Microsoft in acquiring Pulse news app

One of the most popular mobile newsreader apps is being acquired by what some might feel is an unlikely source. The app company is Pulse, which launched the first version of its tile-based newsreader app in 2010 and later launched versions for Android, Windows Phone 7 (since retired) and Windows 8. reports that the business oriented social networking service LinkedIn will be acquiring Pulse, according to unnamed sources. LinkedIn is expected to spend between $50 million to $100 million to seal this particular deal. The same report claims that both Microsoft and Yahoo were in talks to acquire Pulse. It would appear that LinkedIn is trying to expand its audience beyond just displaying online resumes and business chats between users.

Pulse launched a Windows Phone 7 version of its app in 2011. However, the app was removed from the Windows Phone Store about a year later due to Microsoft working with Pulse on a web-browser version that was designed to work well on Windows 8. In the fall of 2012, Pulse launched a native app for Windows 8 and RT, reports that the LinkedIn-Pulse deal could be announced this week, but will take longer to actually close.

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