Report: Microsoft developing Xbox comedy series about ex-pro skaters

While Microsoft has been pretty open in terms of its plans for new game content for the Xbox One, the company has been less forthcoming about its TV series plans for the console. All Microsoft has officially confirmed so far is a live action TV series based on their Halo sci-fi game franchise. Microsoft is also reportedly working on a reality show about soccer called "Every Street United" but the company has yet to confirm those rumors.

Now the Hollywood trade publication Deadline reports, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has signed up yet another TV series for its Xbox division. The unnamed show is a half-hour comedy series about four ex-pro skaters (that's skateboarders, by the way) who live together in Los Angeles. The show is created by Ian Edelman, who also created the short lived HBO series "How To Make It In America".

The show's executive producer is Rob Drydek, a former pro skater who has since become a reality TV star on MTV (Rob and Big and currently Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory) and who also hosts the viral Internet commentary show "Ridiculousness" for the same network. So far there's no word on when Microsoft will officially reveal more information on its Xbox TV show plans.

Source: Deadline | Skateboarding image via Shutterstock

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Yeah, maybe this will distract people from the fact that the Xbox one, like the PS4, is a poor excuse for a next-gen games machine.

What about that guys from the Chipmunks? He already had a comedy show where he won the lottery or something...

Mr.XXIV said,
What's wrong with him? He tries to have fun.

Ive been skating for 15 years and I think Rob Drydick is one of the worst things in skateboarding right now

edit: of course a comedy tv show about skaters is just stupid anyway

Slammers said,

Ive been skating for 15 years and I think Rob Drydick is one of the worst things in skateboarding right now

Agreed. 20 years on a board here. Ran a skate company, ran a park building company, ran a handful of skate shops and a skate charity. What i'm saying i was deep enough in the industry to know that Dydrek was the biggest dick in the industry.

Basically money grabbing with no regards for others or the industry as a whole.