Report: Microsoft Surface continues to rule over other Windows 8/RT devices

In December, the online ad company AdDuplex posted up data gathered from their ad network that showed Microsoft's Windows RT version of the Surface tablet leading among all of the thousands of other PCs installed with Windows 8 or RT installed.

Today, AdDuplex released their results for the first half of January, and not only is the Surface still leading among all Windows 8/RT PCs, but it actually gained market share. In December, it was at six percent but January's number show it at 7.6 percent. This was likely due to the Surface expanding to more retail outlets in mid-December such as Best Buy. AdDuplex says their numbers come from data collected by 112 Windows Store apps running the company's SDK on Monday, January 14th.

Over 7,400 PCs were running either Windows 8 or Windows R on AdDuplex, compared to 5,500 Windows 8/RT PCs in December and 3,000 PCs in November. This data may show that Windows 8 upgrades on older Windows PCs continue to grow at a solid rate.

HP has by far the biggest overall market share of Windows 8 devices at 23 percent, but Asus is now tied with Dell at 10 percent for the number two slot; Acer is third with nine percent and Toshiba is fourth with eight percent.

Source: AdDuplex blog | Image via AdDuplex

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