Report: Microsoft Surface Touch Cover prices cut to $79.99 on Aug. 30

Microsoft's Touch Cover accessory for its Surface tablets is reportedly getting a permanent price cut one week from Friday. Windows Phone Central reports, via unnamed sources, that all five regular Touch Covers (red, cyan, white, black and magenta) will have their cost reduced from $119.99 down to $79.99 starting on Aug. 30.

The report suggests that this newest price reduction related to the Surface does not cover the $129.99 limited edition Touch Covers that have special designs, nor does it cover the $129.99 Type Cover accessory. Microsoft offered no comment on this report when contacted by Neowin.

During the month of June, Microsoft offered people who bought the Surface RT tablet a free Type or Touch Cover. In mid-July, the company cut the price of the Surface RT permanently by $150. This month, Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface Pro by $100, but that sale is scheduled to end on Aug. 29.

This price reductions, combined with other discounts on Surface tablets to schools, would seem to suggest Microsoft is trying to clear out its remaining inventory ahead of a possible launch of new Surface tablets later this year, possibly at the same time as the launch of Windows 8.1 on Oct. 18.

Source: Windows Phone Central | Image via Microsoft

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