Report: Microsoft to add filters to SkyDrive photos timeline

In May, Microsoft added a new feature for SkyDrive subscribers that allowed them to view photos in their account based on the time they were taken and also from which event the photos were taken. However, the feature currently only allows users to view all of their SkyDrive photos. There are no options currently to show images from a particular folder. It just allows people to see photos via dates and events.

Today,, which has a history of revealing upcoming SkyDrive features before they are officially revealed by Microsoft, is reporting there are plans to put in photo filters in the "all photos" view. They even posted a screenshot, shown above, that shows examples of what kinds of filters will be available, such as "Public" and SkyDrive camera roll." The report adds that users can also set one particular folder to be their default photo filter when they click on the "All Photos" menu selection.

While there's no word on exactly when Microsoft will put this new photo filter addition into SkyDrive, it would appear that it's almost ready for prime time so we would expect it will be added in the very near future.

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