Report: MySpace to be sold for just $20-30 million

As we reported earlier today, the once massive social networking web site MySpace is rumored to be conducting mass layoffs ahead of a possible sale. Now the AlllThingsDigital web site is reporting that MySpace's current owners News Corporation could sell off the company later this week for a price that's reportedly between $20 million to $30 million. Once more the two companies that are reportedly in the running to purchase MySpace are apparently not the ones that were previously reported to be interested in the web site.

Previous Internet rumors said that an investment group that would have included Activision's current CEO Bobby Kotick was in the lead to purchase MySpace from News Corp. Now AllThingsDigital claims via unnamed sources that two other groups, Golden Capital and Specific Media, are currently the top possible bidders for the site. Golden Gate Capital is a private equity firm that has never purchased an Internet-based company while Specific Media is an advertising network. The story also says that other groups might still be in the running to purchase MySpace including an investment group that contains MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson. Yet another interested group has yet another MySpace co-founder, Chris DeWolfe, as part of its team.

Earlier today TechCrunch reported that MySpace would lay off 150 of its current 450 workers on Wednesday ahead of any sale. The report also claims that another 150 MySpace employees will also be laid off but would still be allowed to work at the company for a few weeks while they look for a new job.

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