Report outlines leading smartphone issues

A November edition of the Fixya smartphone report has outlined the most common complaints surrounding the market’s leading phones.

The report reveals the top 5 issues as voted by users regarding the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, Moto X and HTC One. The guide hopes to offer consumers some insight into the top phones leading up to the Christmas period.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone’s battery life topped the list for its poor performance, with many users complaining of unreliability especially for heavy users who require all day usage. While the inclusion of the A7 chip has improved battery usage due to its smaller footprint, it seems the phone has failed to satisfy power-hungry consumers.

Fingerprint passwords were also a huge concern among users amid the NSA spying controversy, prompting phone owners to become wary of their privacy. This is despite the fingerprint password being stored on the device rather than a cloud network, where it can be infiltrated by the likes of the NSA or hackers.

Sporting a plastic-clad exterior, the Galaxy S4 has been widely criticised for overheating. Fixya reports the plastic could intensify the overheating issues spurred by its powerful quad-core processor.

Samsung's flagship model also suffers battery life issues particularly affecting users who multitask through several apps at one time, or those who use its 13MP camera on a regular basisThe phone's darker contrast screen is also a cause for concern affecting normal day-to-day activities that relate to viewing the device. 

While the Moto X is renowned for having an excellent battery life, its lack of storage space was the biggest complaint among its users. Motorola’s failure to include expandable memory as well as a lack of internal memory has proved inconvenient for consumers. The 720p display is a step below the common 1080p displays most recently displayed by the Nexus 5.

Finally, the HTC One is famous for its sleek and ergonomic CNC machined aluminium backing. While many fans are calling this the best smartphone design in history, its premium feel is hindered by the battery and audio issues facing the flagship device. Some users have reported a slight "hissing" sound emitted from the speakers during phone calls and songs. The problem is becoming less of an issue for smartphones as phones progress but continues to affect One users.

Unfortunately, technology companies have yet to find the perfect formula for a smartphone. Until then, we will just have to resort to carrying a charger or spare battery around in the likely scenario that a full charge won't last the day.

Source: Fixya | Images: Redmondpie, iMore, XDA, Digital Trends, Daily Tech 

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