Report: Verizon to offer tiered smartphone data plans July 7

If you were thinking of buying a smartphone from Verizon Wireless under its current unlimited data plan, you might want to consider making that purchase soon. According to a report at Droid Life, Verizon is set to launch its tiered data plans for both 3G and 4G smartphones on July 7. The story states that new customers on that date who purchase a smartphone from the company will have get 2 GB of data for $30 a month, 5 GB for $50 and 10 GB for $80 a month.

The article adds that for those smartphones that offer tethering features (using the phone as a WiFi hotspot) the data plans change to 4 GB for $50 a month, 7 GB for $70 a month and 12 GB for $100 a month. If you get a tablet device from Verizon you will have to pay $30 for 2 GB under the new plan instead of 1 GB for $20. If you are currently under contract with Verizon the unlimited data plan for smartphones won't change after July 7; this is strictly for new customers only. The article adds that it has heard rumors that Verizon customers who upgrade to a new smartphone, will still be able to keep the unlimited data plan even if that happens after July 7 but that is not yet confirmed.

Verizon execs have been warning that the unlimited data plans for smartphones will be coming to an end later this year. There are also rumors of a family data plan that will allow more than one person to share data but that is apparently not a part of the July 7 change.

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