Report: Windows Store exceeds 50,000 Windows 8 app mark

A few weeks ago, we noted that the Windows Store section of Windows 8 only had 44,680 worldwide apps at the end of February. It was a noticeable slowdown in the number of new apps added to the store after a surge of apps were published between the launch of Windows 8 in October and the end of 2012.

This month, it appears that Microsoft has increased the number of Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store. Today, the MetroStore Scanner website, which records just how many apps are available in the store, showed that it has reached and exceeded the 50,000 app mark. The exact number is 50,304, according to the website. Microsoft has never offered their own official Windows 8 app numbers.

Before some people get too excited celebrating the fact that the Windows Store now has over 50,000 apps, it must be noted that there is still a lack of new quality apps being published in the store. Indeed, we suspect part of the reason for the surge in the app numbers this month is because of one company, Ranyant Systems. The Northern Ireland-based company has flooded the Windows Store in the past few weeks with free Windows 8 apps, each of which cover a specific soccer team. At the moment, Microsoft has published over 400 of Ranyart's apps.

We have seen a little more activity in terms of high end Windows 8 apps being published in the last few weeks, such as the launch of the official Twitter app. Microsoft also is apparently getting ready to launch updates for all of its in-house Windows 8 apps such as Mail, Xbox Music and more.

Source: MetroStore Scanner | Image via MetroStore Scanner

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