Report: Windows Store reaches 80,000 Windows 8 app mark in June

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft finally offered some official Windows 8 app numbers for the first time, stating there were over 70,000 apps available from the Windows Store. Now that the month of June has started, it looks like the number of apps in the store continues to increase at a rapid pace.

The third party MetroStore Scanner website, which offers a way to view the apps available on the Windows Store without having to have Windows 8 or RT installed, shows that there are currently 80,302 apps. That's not just a big increase from Microsoft's own numbers, it's also nearly 15,000 more than the 65,891 apps that were in the store on May 1st.

At its current rate of new additions, the Windows Store should reach the coveted 100,000 worldwide app milestone sometime in mid-July, less than a year after the launch of Windows 8. As we reported earlier this week, Microsoft is also working on some all new in-house apps that will be launched as part of the free Windows 8.1 upgrade later this year, including new health and food apps from the Bing division along with alarm and calculator apps.

Source: MetroStore Scanner | Image via MetroStore Scanner

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