Report: Xbox Music to launch Oct. 26

A new report claims Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Music service will be launching on Oct. 26, the same day Windows 8 and the Windows RT Surface tablet are released.

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, who has a strong track record, the new service will include an ad-supported streaming version in addition to a paid service. Warren says multiple sources have informed him the service will also feature SkyDrive integration that will allow users to store music and playlists on the service. Those media files would then be playable on supported devices. The same sources claim Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android won't be available on the Oct. 26 launch date.

Xbox Music is expected to launch with an Xbox Music Pass that will be nearly identical to Microsoft's former Zune Music Pass. The company is currently testing an Xbox 360 dashboard update that will include the new service. A recent leak revealed the Xbox Music Pass will cost the same as the Zune Music Pass.

Source: The Verge

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