Report: Xbox One hard drive becomes full at 362 GB

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One in November, it did so without a way for their owners to find out how much free space was left on their 500 GB hard drive. At the time, Microsoft told Neowin and other sites that storage management was "automatic", adding, "By being smart about how storage is managed, Xbox One keeps everyone playing, watching, and sharing their entertainment content rather than worry about limitations."

Well, as it turns out it is possible to max out the available storage on an Xbox One if you install enough games and apps on its hard drive. IGN posted up a video (no embed options; sorry) that shows the maximum amount of available space on the drive for users is about 362 GB or so.

That limit was reached after installing 20 of the Xbox One's 23 launch titles. In a statement sent to IGN, Microsoft said the rest of the 500 GB space is used for the OS and the first party apps that are already available on the console.

While most people won't be buying and installing all of the Xbox One's launch games, the hard drive space issue will become a problem down the road as more and more games for the console are released. Microsoft has promised that it will update the console to accept external hard drives but so far there's no word on when that will be released.

Source: IGN | Image via Microsoft

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Hopefully they enable external storage or something. Removing the ability to upgrade the internal storage was, in my opinion, a bad call. 500 GB will last no time; especially now that both of the current-gen consoles use BluRay discs and developers won't be motivated to keep install size small to avoid spanning multiple DVDs.

techbeck said,
I'd imagine there will be revisions with added storage space/different form factor much like what happened with the 360.

Yes!! And there will be an achievement too!! The Day One20 Edition achievement

What is so next generation about this next generation console anyways? At the very least, not having a user replaceable hard drive on a system designed around downloadable content is idiotic and makes zero sense. Oh, but you can add an external...eventually. That is exactly what we want more boxes, wires, plugs, power strips, and energy usage.

It doesn't matter, it's still another cable and another box. It still doesn't answer why they decided to make the internal drive permanent. Don't say anything about technical savvy either because a monkey could swap a 360 hard drive. So what happens in 13 months when the internal dies?

The 360 was a custom made and proprietary drive enclosure. It was also a big pain if you had to migrate your old drive. Is that what you'd really want? You'll also have to pay more for the console to get it?

Spicoli said,
The 360 was a custom made and proprietary drive enclosure. It was also a big pain if you had to migrate your old drive. Is that what you'd really want? You'll also have to pay more for the console to get it?

I used the transfer cable before, piece of cake. My 95 year old grandpa could have done it. And paying more for the console? As opposed to paying for a external drive? You're missing the point. The point is the drive they stuck in there will fill up within a year and you cannot replace it with a larger one. Hard drives won't last forever and this "One" will definitely not last 10 years.

One annoying thing about the apps on the platform is that they take up so much space. You don't need 100 MB for something like a Netflix or YouTube app.

I would suggest people do a little housekeeping instead of having 23 installed games. God forbid you may have to re download or re install the odd game,

Why on earth would they put a NON user-replaceable hdd in the first place? Everybody knows that HDDs are the no.1 failed component in computers (other than a cheapo PSU). Xbox360 HDD was a very smart move, you could change it, break it, replace it, no harm done, no warranty voided. Going out of space is the lesser of the problems here. A failed HDD on an Xbox One in >1 year would either lead to buy a new Xbox One (if you have the money to buy a new one), or disassemble the xbox one to replace the HDD (and get in the temptation to do other 'operations'), or send it to Microsoft Service?!?

I'm pretty sure it was just to keep the price down as it's already the most expensive console on the market. End user replaceable requires a relatively foolproof mechanism which costs money.

This is technically a non-issue, since it auto trims old games down that you haven't played, or removes them totally, And all of your saves are in cloud storage, even for non-gold members. So if you don't play a game for a month, it might get removed if you've installed 3 other games on top of it that you are playing. God forbid you have to wait a few minutes while it reinstalls, after a month of not playing it... It's actually kind of nice not having to worry about storage and how much space do I have free, and manually removing data files for games I haven't played in months.

First: saves take up hardly any space.
Second: a few minutes to download a game? Don't make me laugh. Maybe if the game is 100mb and you have a decent internet connection. Games are easily +10gb.
Third: Guaranteed you'd be annoyed when you finally want to play that game you haven't played in a month, just to be greeted with a screen that you have to re-download it and wait... hours... depending on the game. You won't even want to play the game by then.
I hope for Xbox players that they release the patch to use external hard drives for storage soon. Kinda silly they didn't at launch, but that's Microsoft. Launch now, patch later.

The upcoming games are supposed to allow you to start playing very quickly by downloading just the components you need and then getting the rest as you play. I can't imagine being so impatient with nothing else to do even if I did have to wait for a download.

After buying premium for Battlefield 4 I was curious as to how much space each of the DLC map packs was taking up, this is not good news. I really wish they would have shipped with a 1TB minimum.

Actually, according to the Ifixit teardown update (http://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfro.../igi/3QXmsqjFSwFgEduA.large - for the image in question), this will become even more of an issue as patches are released. Each patch seems to add a new partition to the disc, with sizes that have been thus far significant in size. One could expect future tweaks to be relatively small in size, but there will invariably be a significant interface overhaul years down the line, like the NXE update and beyond.

Edit - I may have misinterpreted things, considering the two partitions labelled System Update 1 and System Update 2 both have a significant amount of free space available, meaning they could just be generic spaces for updates to different parts of the OS.

Was it really so hard for Microsoft to make the internal hard drive removable via an access door? This would make it so much easier for the masses to upgrade to any HD they want. Why be so stubborn in limiting the internal to 500GB and then use USB? Give us options MS. Bring them to XBone Rev. 1.5

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