Reports: BitTorrent index to rise again, a well-known BitTorrent hub before being forced to shut down three years ago, is apparently making a comeback.

An agreement was reached that allows the operators of The Pirate Bay to use the domain name, according to reports published Thursday on blogs, TorrentFreak and

Like The Pirate Bay, SuprNova helped users locate BitTorrent files of movies, TV shows, and books. It's believed that a large number of the files are copyright copies and scores of people from all over the world download them in violation of copyright law. Hollywood has accused such sites of encouraging piracy.

TorrentFreak reported that the new SuprNova will debut sometime in the next week. The Pirate Bay founders could not be reached for comment on Thursday.


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"and scores of people from all over the world download them"

Uh-huh...try thousands, possibly millions...

they're making it into an indexer.
tpb will still be a tracker and suprnova will be like a google for torrents.
oh and not sure if i can say this, but the forums are up and they are called "suprbay"
from what i hear, the original owner of suprnova isn't letting tham change the format of it hardly at all, its still gonna look like what suprnova looked like.
if what i said if not allowed, at least keep this,
read torrentfreak for the full story!

It sounds like TPB just got the domain name rights. So, is it just going to be a TPB in "" skin? Or are they going to bring back like the millions of files available on the original? Aren't all of those files available elsewhere? I'm not asking for any illegal info/addresses/files, I'm wondering about the format of the website. My prediction would be that it'll be nothing more than a simple re-direct.

Lt-DavidW said,
Bit Torrent did not even exist until April 2001.

lol, told.

So posting links to bit torrent sites and other things against the rules only applys to the forums?

I wonder if Rawd is simply making a silly "who cares?" statement. I would have to ask the same question. There's a ton of torrent sites out there and this really isn't major news in my mind. I feel like this is just a case where TPB is seeking more publicity. Furthermore, this act would mean TPB could potentially be competing against itself. I don't get it.

I never thought I'd see this. rises from the dead! Hallelujah! Needless to say, this was the very first site I used for "you-know-whats". Then it went to, and now I might swing a look at the site to see what's changed.

Hollywood has accused such sites of encouraging piracy.

ROFL, a high-end sports car can "encourage" speeding. Does that make them illegal? :confused: These sites don't FORCE piracy, just like my sports car analogy doesn't FORCE speeding.

I disagree to some extent. There's an entire community behind TPB. It would be more accurate to liken TPB to sports car enthusiast clubs/organizations. Some of these organizations do encourage speeding. Street racing groups come to mind. Such groups are not always legal depending on the location/permission received. Using the car analogy, the the roadways would be the internet, the car would be the BT client, and the sports car enthusiast club would be TPB. I certainly don't agree with Hollywood as much of their problems are also due to the decline of a quality theater experience, crappy movies, and failure to embrace digital file distribution--I have no interest in whatever new high def format wins unless it's a file I get from the net.

it's funny cause when Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End came out, they changed the front page pic and said "At World's End" and it actually linked to the movie torrents.

so if pirate bay wants to defend themselves that they don't encourage sharing pirated movies, they are so full of crap.

Suprnova was THE place for torrents back in the day. Then they went and sold out.
If I never bothered to read TFA, I'd be more inclined NOT to go to the site simply because of what they did in the past.


If you meant the deal with the bittorrent client, however, that was after the site was already taken down and lost its original purpose. They only focused on that because the site was going to have their servers taken and the site going down anyway, meaning it was focus on the client or nothing at all.

That's not being sold out.

Since they are earning 9million a year (PirateBay i mean).. i wonder if they are actually doing much to earn it other than just a quick daily checkup on the site to keep it working? they are some lucky people! :P

It will be different, its already been agreed that SuprNova must retain the old look and feel that it used to.