Reuters poll: Microsoft is cooler than Facebook and Twitter

Microsoft's isn't usually the first company name that springs to mind when someone says "cool" but according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll that might be changing.

The poll involved approximately 850 tech savvy people in the 18 to 29 age group and participants were asked to say how "cool" a certain technology company seemed now and how that stacks up to previous years. Surprisingly for some, Microsoft ranked quite high in this poll with 50% of the respondents saying that the company is "cooler" now than in previous years. This standing outranked Facebook and Twitter, both social networks scoring in the 40% range. However, Microsoft was surpassed by Apple and Android with both of the brand names scoring quite higher in the poll, Apple getting 60% and Android ending up at 70%.

Josh Johnson, a 24-year old media arts student and participant in this poll said he was impressed with Microsoft's efforts surrounding Windows 8 and Windows Phone. "It's more customisable, and not as rigid as an Apple iPhone, where you have to buy all the products from Apple. I know Apple is the cool hip brand right now, but if Microsoft keeps coming out with new tech I'm sure it'll be back soon".

Of course this poll has to be carefully analyzed before conclusions can be drawn. "Coolness" is definitely not quantifiable and it represents a rather obscure state of mind and point of view that consumers have towards companies and products. Just the fact that Microsoft and Apple both of whom are companies, were compared to Android, which is an operating system, should raise some eyebrows.

But the poll certainly seems to point in one direction: people's view of Microsoft is slowly but surely starting to change just as an earlier poll seemed to suggest. Efforts by the company to try and be a more agile and innovative company seem to be paying off at least in mindshare if not in actual sales and this may prove crucial in the near future.

Via: PC Pro UK Source: Reuters | Image via Mcirosoft

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Keep in mind that Apple is making products for dumb people and it's hard for Microsofto to compete with dump people just because there is always more dumb people out there than people who actually take the effort to use their brain a bit

Microsoft changed from a monolithic abuser of power to a company that is more open, more involved with communities and is inventing some cracking products and now people think they're cooler? Who'd've thunk it!

Funny comparison. Two social networks compared to one that sure isn't. Heck, Microsoft isn't even a service. I wonder how Microsoft compares to a tech company that isn't constantly struggling with privacy issues, like social networks are?

Facebook and Twitter have been the same thing for years and years, so the "cool" factor has faded quite a bit.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is releasing new and exciting products, so I'd definitely agree they have a higher "cool" factor.

And yeah obviously Apple and Android (Google?) will be at the top since they both have a cult following.

I agree. But cool is superficial. The question is after the cool wears off, do consumers love the cool products for long time? That remains to be seen. But MS has definitely got the target market's attention.

MorganX said,
I agree. But cool is superficial. The question is after the cool wears off, do consumers love the cool products for long time? That remains to be seen. But MS has definitely got the target market's attention.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. In a year from now when MS's release cycle has settled down, their "cool" factor will drop and somebody else will grab the attention away. With the Surface, Win8, and the next Xbox, they have a bunch of hype built up.

Phouchg said,
Hip, fad, fashionable, short-living, temporary, wears off, rapidly changes

Kinda like Apple, oh well its Microsoft's turn now.

Interesting results (however it only reflects more tech "savvy"- id love to know their definition of that) although I don't think Android should be there, it should instead be Google. I don't think anyone thinks Google is cool anymore and so the poll would probably tip in favour of Apple with Microsoft most likely above Google. Anyhow, I applaud Microsoft for evolving over particularly these last couple of years to become a more consumer focused company whilst still expanding their enterprise solutions. If you ask me, theyre bigger, better and more innovative then their 2K summit!

I'm not surprised at all in My opinion The Sleeping Giant woke up a couple years ago and has become what we all knew it needed. Aggressive and innovative! Frankly You haven't seen anything yet! Stay tuned.

While I don't agree with some of Microsoft's radical decisions, I can at least acknowledge that they do make radical decisions that probably shape their "coolness".