Review: Droid Razr Maxx

The Droid Razr Maxx is a new device, technically speaking, but at the end of the day it is a Droid Razr with a bigger battery. Becuase of that, we already know the highs and lows of the device. In fact, you can read our Droid Razr review here

Rather than our traditional review breakdown, we are going to focus on what's new; the battery, all 3300 mAHs. But before we get to that, if you read our original review, you will know that we loved the first iteration of the device. In fact, it scored an 8.5/10 which puts it near the top of our must have list. Knowing this, adding a bigger battery should certainly help out but in doing so but the Razr Maxx adds a little bit of girth to its mid section.

To put it bluntly, this device puts the original Droid Razr to shame, in fact, we kind of wish that the Razr had never been put on the store shelves as this device, with the additional battery life, is superb. Which brings me to the next point, if you look at the original Droid Razr, yes it is thin, but it still had a massive camera hump. So while it was thin in some areas, the device was not as svelt as the advertisements made it out to be because it omitted the width of the camera bump. 

Droid Razr Maxx / iPhone 4

iPhone / Droid Razr

The device improves upon the Droid Razr in nearly every way. We were clocking in 10+ hours of life under heavy use and we mean heavy use. During this time period we were watching YouTube clips, making calls, surfing the web, watching more videos and the list goes on. The battery in this device is what every other 4G device aspires to be. Under normal operating conditions, you could easily get 15-17 hours of use out of the device, that's use, not standby. Essentially, the Razr Maxx makes it not imperative that you charge every night, it could be possible to go two full days without plugging in. 

One oddity, that we did confirm with others who reviewed the device, is that the off angle viewing is awful. As soon as your are slightly off center, the screen has a blue tint that degrades the viewing experience. It's a small detail, but the screen is a bit of a letdown. 


Buy this phone over the original Droid Razr, it exceeds it in nearly every way and as long as the screen does not hold you back, it is a great device. The price is a bit heavy at $299.99 but with LTE and the massive battery, it's killer device that goes head-to-head with the best of any device out there.

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Just got the maxx last week and I haven't had a problem with the screen, seems pretty decent to me.. A lot better than the X2.

This is what I was waiting for with the Razor... the price to drop. The the better Maxx comes out with the same damn intro price. I just can't justify paying $250 (thats after my discount thru verizon) to get this phone when I've been a customer for over 10 years with them. I've called and asked for a better discount before I maybe make a switch but they just don't care. Sad, guess I'll either wait and stay stuck with my old phone for another few months or save some more to get it.

Just order it through a re-seller and you will get a better price, Amazon, Wallmart etc.. all sell the same phones for less then Verizon/ATT/Sprint do.

Having the Doird RAZR I would agree with the statements in this. I might put my-self out of pocket cos even though I am in London and 4G not really so much applicabale here, man that Battery life would probably mean i can go 3-4 days without charging.

And so it begins, Mobile phones with 3000+ mAh batteries to omcpete, Thank you Motorolla

Seems like a great device! The extended battery has to be a big plus for power users.. as the article states, all 4G phones should have a battery like this!

este said,
Seems like a great device! The extended battery has to be a big plus for power users.. as the article states, all 4G phones should have a battery like this!

I see what you did there