Review of the Week: Logitech G15 Keyboard by A10

Every Sunday, as part of the Sunday's Member-Written Review of the Week, the front page will bring you a new review posted by one of our very own members in the Reviews by Members for Members subforum. The subform is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked. This week I have stumbled upon A10's review of the Logitech G15 Keyboard. Pictures are courtesy of A10.

"Back again for another G15 review. This time I look at the new and improved G15 Keyboard. Sitting along with one of its buddies on the bottom of shelf at Best Buy it screamed "buy me Steve buy me I'm a hundred dollars, but worth every penny". Well I do have a weak spot for this sort of stuff; I'm not much of an impulse buyer and I also think things through before I put my mittens on the box."

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I wish Logitech would put out a natural keyboard that can compete with the Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000. Some of the keyboards look pretty sweet, but I don't want a straight nor a curvy one. Natural all the way

What's even better is if the keyboard has it's own monitor display but yet cordless and use battery to juice that flatscreen display... almost like a laptop... I think that time will come when the keyboard will interface with the desktop system fully with it's own monitor

Personally I never got in to these "gamer" keyboards or "specialty keyboards", I always found them to be very low quality in terms of use and uncomfortable to type on for extended periods of time. They never did anything for my gaming and just took a bunch of desk space up for reasons I could not fathom. I have a basic 105key keyboard, well its 106 because it has a function key on it really but that only adjusts the brightness of the back lighting which I keep at level 3 of 7 all the time. I just decided to go super high quality on my keyboard vs any added weird features.

Yeah I'd agree that some of the features on these keyboards are a bit uncessary I don't find myself constantly glued to the lcd nor do I game in the dark very often, but I've never thought of my keyboard(s) as being low quality or uncomfortable. I had a Saitek backlit keyboard a few years back I liked, but the backlighting was way to bright for my tastes.

I agree, they do seem cheap and I've never needed any of the gimmicky buttons (which all require special software that often seems to cause problems in Windows, becomes outdated and unsupported in later Windows releases, and well only works in Windows). I'm using a Zenith AT keyboard, the same one I've used since it came with my 286. Real key switches instead of cheap rubber domes, can't imagine typing on anything else. Works in every OS ever released for the PC and always will so no worries about software or it breaking. Spill coffee in it or run over it with an SUV, no problem.

I am a big fan of Deck keyboards for buying new boards, I pick it up and even under the weight of it there is no creaking or stress sounds, its back lit but each key has its own led so i can modify it in any way I want but keep the warranty as well. It has 7 light levels and fully off, its none of that light glowing around the keys, the letters are melted white plastic that cant wear off unless you wear through the key its self, they are not rubber domes or any of that junk, its solid switches rated for over 50 million presses per key. One thing I really like is that if the usb cable on my Deck breaks or wears out I can replace it with any standard 6' USB cable, no big deal.

Those old AT keyboards are awesome, I have them on my KVM for my servers, they drop and just put a hole in the floor instead of breaking apart. I tested a throw from a 3 story building on to cement with my Deck and one of those, both came out pretty much the same, banged up on the area where they hit a bit but still in working condition and a little buffing from sand paper got out all the rough spots.

Very cool and a bit embarrased that my oh so eloquent sentences and puncuation are out there for the world to see.
Well I guess I can blame any mistakes on Microsoft as I pasted the text from Word 07.

Croquant said,
You did it again.
There, not their.

It's alright, we forgive you. :happy:

Lol ever english teacher I've had through high school and college has told me which was what I just end up forgetting it.

sorry for the smarta$$ comment, but doesn't anybody else see a problem with this sentence?:
The subform is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked

Where is the volume wheel on this keyboard? Does it even have volume buttons? I was considering getting one of these, but the volume wheel is mandatory.

I think this one is a bit better cos of the skin texture. I think it looks much more sleeker than the old one. I will definitely will get this keyboard for sure...