RIAA Claims Copying CDs to iPods is Unlawful

US record-label body the RIAA and movie-industry moguls at the MPAA are attempting to argue that copying a CD to a computer for carrying on an iPod does not, and has never, constituted fair use.

A report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation says 14 organisations, including the two mentioned, have submitted a filing as part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's regular review process of exemptions to provisions against tampering with technological protection measures.

This means that, in essence, all rights to copy anything are held by the copyright owner. Those rights can be sold or assigned, which is why a record label can reproduce and distribute a given musician's songs. Since copyright holders haven't granted specific permission to make a copy of a song, you aren't allowed to, by the letter of the law.

News source: Macworld UK

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I knew they were playing this card as soon as they brought out copyright protection on music cds. Its sad indeed, do they really expect the people that are buying the music in the first place to also join napster/itunes and get the music from there as well, even when music that is not available on iTunes is available on CD?

They should really be turning their attention to catching the people that are doing this all illegally and not buying ANY music, since I started purchasing CDs about 6 years ago I have spent well over a thousand pounds ($1737) on CDs, if you are telling me that I should now also buy digital copies of these cds so that I can listen to them on my mp3 player you have got to be kidding. I know most people would rather take the risk of legal action.

Ive also ensured that the artists I enjoy are writing their second and third albums.

A nice minority of my CDs are from labels that you wouldnt have heard of, small labels where artists get a foothold on the market, and see a better deal from the sales. There is nothing wrong with buying CDs, infact, I think they are the way forward, boycotting downloads would be the best thing to do, they are fused with DRM, poor quality, and poor availablity.

Try getting Maps or The Retro Spankees on iTunes or Napster. No chance.

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