RIM confirms PlayBook will get BlackBerry 10 OS update

The BlackBerry PlayBook is nearly a year old now but the seven inch tablet has suffered poor sales in its short life. Research in Motion has tried lowering its price in order to get people to try it out, with limited success. In February it released a major update for the PlayBook's OS. Now there's word that the PlayBook will be getting another big software upgrade at some point.

TechRadar.com reports that Rob Orr, RIM's vice president of product management, confirmed, "At some point after the launch we'll bring BB10 to our PlayBooks, yes." "BB 10" is a reference to Blackberry 10, the next major version of RIM's smartphone operating system. The first smartphones with BB 10 are still scheduled to be released before the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, Orr said that 50 percent of current BlackBerry PlayBook owners upgraded to the 2.0 software update within the first day of its release, saying, "It's actually quite different to our smartphone users, who are a little bit tentative to take software updates."

The PlayBook users were likely happy that the 2.0 update included a dedicated email client, which really should have been added when the tablet was first released. Meanwhile there's still no word on when, or even if, RIM will launch new PlayBook hardware.

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I own a Playbook, and had a Blackberry phone (two of them) over the course of two years. I don't like Blackberry Phones, and my Android Powered Atrix will last me many years yet. However.. they did an amazing job on the Playbook. QNX is slick, can multi-task (Maybe Windows should look into this crazy tech for Windows 9), it's smooth with virtually no lag.

OS2 kicked it up a notch, 90% of the Android apps on my phone work perfectly on my playbook. Native e-mail (don't use contacts or calendar), and improved native apps (Store, etc). OS10 with widgets and the sort (Hopefully even more Android Support (NDK Anyone?) will be amazing. Though I do feel like OS2 rounded off the playbook and aside from bug fixes, any new features is just gravy on the top.

The OS upgrade from last month feels like a half-assed effort. None of the three most visible newly-introduced apps (messages, contacts, calendar) support portrait mode.

The included Adobe Reader was updated, but other than its splash-screen, I honestly can't tell what else is new--it still won't let you set bookmarks in PDFs.

The fact that it still takes over 2.5 minutes to power it up is downright embarassing.

I never cut mine off so I only saw the startup after upgrading.

It's a true microkernel OS which is why it's used in mission critical systems so it's not going to start up as fast as other OS's with monolithic kernels. Once booted it's fine though.

Edited by matt4pack, Mar 15 2012, 7:20pm :

matt4pack said,
I never cut mine off so I only saw the startup after upgrading.
i never turn mine off either. i just turn off wifi and then put it to sleep. battery lives a long time

I echo the QNX o/s is one robust system and the playbook is one very solid product. Should RIM do BB10 right, their phones will be successful, and certainly if they bring out a new PBook with enhanced features they will be a winner. Tight market out there and I think there will be ups and downs over the next while, despite the iPad by apple.

I bought a 64gb Playbook month ago after I saw the OS update running. I'm satified of this product and it does what I need. It's a bargain price for 64gb of storage (just think how much it will be with others). Sometime we have to choose by the money and not by the heart.

Hoping to try this OS 10 update soon.

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