RIM deals with even more Blackberry online issues

Blackberry owners can't seem to get a break. Only a few weeks after a huge online outage that affected millions of its Blackberry smartphone users, the company admitted on Wednesday via its Twitter page that "some users are experiencing delays. We’re investigating and will update you ASAP." It posted up a second Twitter message a few hours later that everything was back to normal.

The most recent outages affected Blackberry customers in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa, according to a story on the AllThingsD.com web site. RIM has not offered an explanation as to what caused this latest outage. A failure in one of the company's network switches was the reason cited by RIM for last month's huge online outages that knocked out access to email and the Internet for millions of Blackberry users.

The company can't afford to have any more issues with its online services at this stage. It's already been reported that a number of Blackberry owners have now decided to ditch the phone after last month's problems in order to get a smartphone from Apple or another company. Even with such a brief outage on Wednesday, it sends a signal that RIM doesn't seem to have a handle on how to keep these problems from occurring again. That will lead to even more people trading in their smartphones, once referred to as "Crackberries," for something else.

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Poor RIM just can't get a break , Unless they can pull their s**t around its gonna be more downhill from here

Good grief...

The funniest part is that I really was tinkering with the idea of getting a Playbook to tinker with.
Now, they might get cheaper now, but heck, those things will EOL and their support and their company along with it so fast...

That's sad...

I'd really hoped that RIM would show some strength from now on to keep its head above the water, but news like these make people sensitive, even if it's a short incident, people will listen and remember.

Another shot in RIM's body, ouch!


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