RIM may introduce Android app store compatibility in upcoming smartphones

RIM, the creator of the BlackBerry is rumored to be adding Android app compatibility to their upcoming new line of smartphones, according to sources close to the company.

Essentially, RIM hopes to make its new QNX software compatible with Google Android, which RIM hope will boost its dying platform. Currently, RIM’s App World has roughly 25,000 apps on its market – less than Windows Phone which has been a market competitor for far less time.

The apparent goal is to give BlackBerry users the ability to access the 250,000 apps that Android boasts so that its users can get the best possible experience. Neither RIM or Google have confirmed the rumors as of yet, but it would likely be welcomed by Google to have the BlackBerry platform on board, so that Android can expand further.

Steven Li, a Raymond James Ltd. analyst said “Being able to run Android apps, that’s a big plus. If you get the tonnage of Android apps and the top 50 apps through BlackBerry’s App World, that addresses many of the concerns people have about RIM’s ecosystem.”

RIM has confirmed that the Blackberry Playbook, which is set to be powered by the same QNX software, will be Android compatible which suggests that the rumour is likely true.

In the company’s second quarter they fell by 7% in global market share, leaving Android and iOS to continue gaining ground, making BlackBerry trail behind.

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None of the Backberries with the except of the Torch Touch and the other Torch have a screen big enough to use Android apps. How you oing to run them on the Curve or Bold?

It'd be interesting if Android became the DOS to a new generation of 'window manager' OSes. A lot of people hyperventilate into their paper bags whenever anybody releases a device that isn't 'pure' Android, but frankly, when was the last time an OS untouched by 3rd party modifications, front-ends, and/or overlays succeeded?


*thinks harder*

Yeah, I got nothing.

Techno_Funky said,
I wonder what happened to the BB Messenger App they were going to release across all platforms.
They said it's not happening.

MASTER260 said,
I thought the Playbook already was compatible...

Not officially. The Android Player was leaked.

The latest Playbook update kills the Android Player (which is why I didn't update).

The leaked Android Player is a full Android OS running natively as an app on Playbook. Even the Android Market is working.
The final Android Player will be much more restricted. You'll have to download apps from App World and run them as separate apps on Playbook.

This is going to be interesting as Android apps are designed for large touchscreens with a long (sometimes narrow) display, the exact opposite of Blackberry's design.

Last I checked App World had over 40k apps, WP Marketplace had just under 30k. Even the linked source says they have 40k+. If you're going to mangle an article to make it anti-RIM at least use actual facts.