RIM Says Most N.A. BlackBerry Service Restored

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Last night in North America BlackBerry service was interrupted. It has recently been restored to most customers, according to Research In Motion Limited. The company said in a statement that it is reviewing the root cause of the disruption, which began yesterday night, and is "closely monitoring systems to maintain normal service levels." It should be noted that the phone service wasn't affected and that Europe avoided the problem completely.

RIM has about 8 million subscribers who use various models of its ubiquitous BlackBerry. In the past, Outages have been very rare for the Waterloo, Ontario-based company and service is typically very stable. The only real impact such a short outage may have is on investors and on the stock market. Other than that, RIM will probably continue to function as always. RIM added 1.02 million BlackBerry subscribers in the fourth quarter alone, and the torrid pace of growth isn't expected to slow any time soon.

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News source: eWeek

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That's what you get for depending on a single company/service for all your e-mail. If you get a phone with a mail client and a data plan, you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like this. And you wouldn't be locked to any service...

blackberry is canadian??????? wow thats embarassing for a canadian like me to not know this...shouldnt they have some kind of backup or option to work around if their service just blacks out like that? Like a server or whatever somewhere else

I knew something was wrong when my computer got an email before my BlackBerry. Now I know. I couldn't get any emails all night. and then i had TONS in the morning.

I wonder what all those people did when it wasn't working. Maybe they actually did work instead of checking the Blackberry every 5 minutes.