RIM to compete with Apple and create a Blackberry tablet?

The Boy Genius Report is saying that their sources at RIM have stated there's a new Blackberry tablet in the works.

The Blackberry tablet is rumored to be 8.9" and functionality should be on par with Apple's iPad which means it should be able to read email, browse the web, offer video playback and allow games.  There is a possibility that the tablet will have access to Blackberry App World which may help expand the quality and number of apps currently available.

The tablet is being called a companion device for your current Blackberry hand-held. This  means it won't have its own cellular connection but it will be capable of tethering using Bluetooth or a connection over WiFi.

Sources within RIM say the tablet is scheduled to be released in December but they hope to have it finished and shipping sooner than that. Originally the device was going to be a monochrome tablet, like the Kindle, until Apple came out with the iPad.

Boy Genius says this about the new Blackberry tablet, "To be honest, as a complementary device that is coming from RIM, we are not sure why they are even trying here. Especially since RIM employees have privately voiced their frustration to us regarding this initiative."

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pielor said,
RIM? Tablet? hmmm i love RIM and i own the 9700 but when it comes to a little bit of creativity RIM sucks!


Just look at the Storm 1 & 2 to see where this is going... yeks!

seems so fake. Article does not say any real thing about RIM tablet. Apple's iphone os'ed ipad, googles android, and later hp's webos, this can easily be speculated...

If real, it may be different, because its a BlackBerry...

Dead'Soul said,
seems so fake. Article does not say any real thing about RIM tablet. Apple's iphone os'ed ipad, googles android, and later hp's webos, this can easily be speculated...

If real, it may be different, because its a BlackBerry...

I dugg around on this a bit before approving it, it seems pretty legit as there were two different sources spewing information.

If this is real, it could be interesting to see how they pull this off. The idea of the tablet not being it's own separate device but instead tethering to a phone definitely has potential.

This is sorta getting crazy now. Everyone and their mother wants to build their own tablet now? I'm all for more competition but if the majority turn out to be crappy, then no thanks.

excalpius said,
If the Tablet doesn't run Windows 7, then it's a phone/toy, and I'm not interested...

if you are not interested, why post on the forum for something you are "not interested" in.

Elliott said,
It'll have a physical keyboard.

Lol, that would be funny. Just imagine a big blackberry phone with slide out keyboard about the same size as an iPad. :-) funny.

Wow, it's incredible how people as soon as Apple decide on creating something new, they decide to make something similar? Why don't use a bit more of "originality"

I love the idea and i love my BB but the thing is that right now BB phones are not cheap. Take the 9700 for example that cost around $550 (with no contract with a phone company) so how much do you think a table will cost?!

I think blackberry can easily make a more productive slate than apple has with the iPad. The iPad is pretty good at consuming media but I haven't been impressed with the productivity apps.

Imitation is the best form of flattery and again Apple is the leader and companies such as RIM will be the followers in this market. RIM has lost the wave and is now playing catch-up and the Apple me-too bandwagon.

FWIW, I've been very interested for a while now in the idea of a tablet as a mobile device companion--working side-by-side with your phone, instead of having a 3G chip onboard. It seems like you'd either use a tablet at home, where your phone is near you; at work, where your phone is near you; or on the go, where your phone is ON you. It's actually more effort to come up with examples of times you're further than 25 feet from your phone when using a tablet.

So the idea of a tablet+smartphone coupling is a direction I'd love to see the market take, and would probably be a little more marketable than the netbook+smartphone coupling some wireless carriers were toying with.

*Especially* when there's a shared-apps system.

Just release a competitor for the iPad. So far, I've seen no news for any Android tablet being released soon, and now that Microsoft said their courier tablet is just an experiment, I feel like Apple is taking over (and with the way things are going, I hate that)

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