RIM to hold "multiple" BlackBerry 10 launch events January 30th

Usually when a technology company is about to make a major announcement, it sends out a "save the date" email to members of the media a few weeks in advance. Today, Research in Motion broke with that tradition by announcing in a general press release that it will be holding launch events for its BlackBerry 10 OS on January 30th in "multiple" locations around the world, over two months from now.

The press release states that RIM will offer more details on BlackBerry 10 as well as the first official look at the company's first two smartphones that will use the OS. The company will also share information on when these new smartphones will become available to the public. There have already been Internet leaks that reportedly show off these devices, one with a physical keyboard and one with a touch screen interface.

RIM also announced today that BlackBerry 10 has now received FIPS 140-2 certification. That means governments will be able to start using smartphones with the OS as soon as they are available. The company said, "This marks the first time BlackBerry products have been certified ahead of their launch."

RIM needs for BlackBerry 10 to be a success. It's current and older smartphones have lost a ton of market share to iOS and to Android products. The company suffered a loss of $235 million in its last fiscal quarter.

Source: RIM press release | Image via RIM

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Just in time! Our company dropped BB a short time ago.

I'm glad to hear they are having a show for their potential buy-out execs.

That little emblem with the 10 on it drives me bananas. It makes me think there are 10 notifications, missed calls, texts or emails.

laserfloyd said,
That little emblem with the 10 on it drives me bananas. It makes me think there are 10 notifications, missed calls, texts or emails.

lol same, drives my ocd up the wall.

My expectations are low but really this is their last chance. if this product doesn't take off they might as well go out of business

As an IT admin that has to support their clunky BES servers in a corporate environment for previous BES versions I can tell you their is no way in the world we are going to buy all new servers to support any users in our company that want to use BB10.

The Business world is going Active Sync, and holding on to users that insist on using older BES devices, with the way BES is going it would be silly to invent in hardware and software licenses and training time to support BES 10 servers and users.

BB10 can use Active Sync as well so it's not necessarily unless you need the enhanced security of BES which some companies require.

I'm quite curious to see how this will all play out. I wish BB the best with this launch; I havent used any of the new handsets yet but I won't knock it until I try it.

I love the people who say too late. Too late for what? Are you expecting the world to actually end in December?

If that's the case then I would agree it's too late.

panacea said,
i hope they have something good. but i am not getting my hopes up too high.

BB10 looks very snazzy, looking forward to it