RIM's BlackBerry Bold Beats Apple to the 3G Punch

Amid swirling rumors about the impending announcement of a 3G iPhone, Research in Motion today introduced its slickest, speediest, most powerful, and most connected BlackBerry to date: the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Equipped with support for tri-band HSDPA and quad-band EDGE (which means that it will support the highest-speed GSM-family data networks wherever they are available worldwide), 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, and both assisted and autonomous GPS, the Bold could prove a formidable challenger to Apple's next-gen iPhone on connectivity alone.

It even looks a bit iPhone-esque, with its glassy display area, generally flat profile, and rounded corners. Still, the Bold comes configured with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, and it retains the general dimensions of its predecessors, so it's much shorter and somewhat thicker than the iPhone.

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Samsung offers a phone which has a full decent keyboard and a full touchscreen, the biggest problem to some people is it doesnt have an Apple logo on it.

Does it have multi-touch?

Sure, multi touch doesn't seem that useful. But live with it for a few weeks and you'll see its uses. It's just more efficient.

Mind you, yes, to many people it is about the Apple logo.

No multi touch - ive used one a little bit, not enough tho to say its not useful... however anyone I know in person who has an iPhone tell me its great - but when asked then tell me they have never used single touch screens.

SGH-F700 is the name in the UK ... it has an updated version now I believe which is thinner and a 5mp camera, but I beieve the keypad has been moved to the screen similar to an iPod. The worst thing about them is because they rely on SDHC when browsing music it sometimes lags a little with the 4gb card I have in it - not awful as I rarely change music that much to annoy me, usually I play a whole album or playlist.

>> SGH-F700 Picture

Think there is a similar phone coming to the US - it might already be out.

Wow... that phone looks really nice. The only thing holding it back, imo, is that the screen is small and there isn't a touch screen. But they won't do what Apple did, which is remove the keyboard altogether.

The question is which is the lesser of two evils: a small screen with a real keyboard, or a full, beautiful touch screen with an "ok" keyboard on the screen.

They could have easily slid the keyboard down, shrunk those huge buttons in the middle, and then moved the logo up and out of the way. There is a LOT of wasted space on that baby that could have made all the difference.

Is this the first BlackBerry to have 3G? I thought there was already a model with 3G. I used to have a pearl, and liked it a lot, but agree that the interface wasn't the best.

I've had two previous phones and soon to change to my third. All have G3 already enabled. Why are these phones so long to have 3G?

I looked at BlackBerry but the need to have another physical server, Windows 200x Server just to run BES is alot of money. Thankfully my current Nokia N95 syncs everything with my Exchange 2007 Server via OWA. Blackberry's can also use OWA but they only sync mail. Why?

I agree with the iPhone, graet looking but poor with features. Blackberry's are starting to look nice but seeing Mail for Exchange (Free software) makes me angry.

But the majority of people just want to sync their Outlook contents on their mobile device. What I am saying is you don't need the costly BES to do that.

Oh yeah because the iPhone and Blackberry are the only competitors in the mobile market. *shake fist at ^*^@#$%@! PC world* ... WinMo has had 3G for years now..

I agree. However the only problem with WinMo, is that it's Windows Mobile... :cheeky:. I cursed my WinMo device from about the second day I had to use it.

Wasn't too impressed with the iPhone. I'd like to get hands on with this though. Also would like to see how much it's going to cost as well.

Blackberry phones suck and 3G is old so what exactly is good about this news?
(not flaming, this is a legitimate question)

I find the Blackberry interface clunky and annoying, and when I have to use a Blackberry it's always a chore.
3G has been out worldwide for ages, there are plenty of Windows Mobile, Symbian and other devices that work with HSDPA (my Samsung Blackjack and Nokia both use it).

The Apple is the more exciting product because it's a powerful device that combines stacks of interesting and useful features into a device that is easy to use. In the beginning I was never a fan of iPhone, I thought it was an underpowered yet cool looking device. With 3G capability and a proper SDK now real software can be developed for it, I think the iPhone'S potential will be unlocked.

I'd be interested to see how the interface is for this Blackberry but I really get the feeling that I will be disappointed as with the rest of the Blackberry devices.

I will grant you that the Blackberry interface badly needs a refresh, but for someone who does a lot of email it is hands down a better device. As anyone who has used both will tell you, a touch screen just can't compete with a plastic keyboard when it comes to typing proficiency.

(Lord Zog said @ #4)
Does Telus offer Unlimited Data?? I'm with Rogers with a 8700R and can't wait for unlimited, and a 9000,, :)


The "older promo" for unlimited on data devices (BB/PDA) was $15, and included everything you could do on the device itself (no tethering), the current unlimited data feature is $30.

But is it unlocked, this is what is annoying me about these phones, all the cool features and they have stupid contracts.

(betasp said @ #3.1)
You can buy any phone (except) iPhone unlocked.

That's just not true. You can/could buy an iPhone (2.5G) from AT&T, however it's stupidly expensive, even for an iPhone.

I cannot wait until they launch the cdma version in canada (Telus with unlimited data)... as much as I love my Curve... this is one pretty blackberry.

I agree, I have been looking forward to this device for a long time. Upgrading from the 8700 to the 8800 was little more than a cosmetic improvement, but this appears to be an exciting upgrade. I can't wait to get one.

(C_Guy said @ #1.2)
And what's more important to you? Appearance (perceived status symbol) or functionality?

Who are you talking to? We both made statements about how great the functionality was.

The screen looks so much smaller. I gotta admit, Apple could pry my BB from my cold dead fingers if their new 3g version has a few extra special bonuses.

The screen isn't any smaller than the 8800. It is an optical allusion, the top and bottom of the image being displayed are so close in color to the device that your eyes have a hard time finding the boarder. I am excited about the higher resolution. The screen may not be as big as an iPhone, but with the same resolution it can display just as much information (albeit smaller).